by Richard Stanway

Injects itself into another application and alter how certain Windows socket calls are made

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Richard Stanway

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ForceBindIP is a simple but very useful command line application that allows "forcing" an application to use a specific network interface. The program will be useful for those who use two Internet connections, such as ADSL and Ethernet. In order to "bind" to a certain network, you should specify its IP. If your ISP does not provide a "real" network address service, there may be some problems or at least inconveniences with the program (you will have to change the "bound" IP each time).

ForceBindIP does not have its own interface, so you will have to use the command line to work with it. For example, it is sufficient to enter approximately the following to assign a specific network interface: "ForceBindIP c:\windows\win32.exe" Naturally, the IP address and the path to the application should be your own. Note that if there are spaces in the path to the desired program, it must be entered in quotes.

If you do not want to work with the command line, we recommend downloading the ForceBindIP GUI from third-party developers. One of these shells we placed in the "Files" section. When using a graphical shell, no commands need to be entered. Use a convenient browser to specify the program path and enter the IP address in the corresponding field. First of all, don't forget to specify the GUI path to the ForceBindIP itself, and you will be prompted to do so the first time you start the shell.

ForceBindIP is completely free and compatible with all modern versions of Windows of any bit.

- possibility of forced binding of the program to a certain network interface;

- from the command line;

- automatic addition of DLL to the folder with "bound" programs;

- new entries in the system registry;

- Compatible with any version of Windows (regardless of capacity).

With is one of the best freeware windows applications. In forcebindip you can bind any windows application to a specific IP address or interface.Forcebindip is called as a freeware windows application.In forcebindip there are two stages for the working process.Forcebindip runs in a direct cmd prompt or shortcut because forcebindip not have user interface
ForceBindIP is a really simple but amazing application that allows the users to "force" the use of another app with a specific network. The program could be really useful for those people that have multiple internet connections. The only downside to this application is that it doesn't have it's own interface so you will have to execute it through the command line making it a little confusing to use and it is recommended that if you don't know how to use the command line you should download an extra app called ForceBindIP GUI from a third party developer which will make the use of it really simple.
A little complicated to understand at first. It can alter the way how certain calls are made in Windows programs. It can force itself in binding certain interfaces. A little convoluted but once you use it the first times it gets a bit easier to use and understand, can be very helpful in using certain tools. Ideal for some advanced computer work
It is the windows application and inject another software into it and it can alter the calls made by your force. It is useful when you are using multiple interface and your application could not bind the specific application. It could not have the user interface . The ForceBindIP directly run on cmd prompt or a shortcut. The application works in two stages, it will load the target application in the suspended state.
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