Free Alarm Clock

by Comfort Software Group

This is an alarm clock free and designed for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Comfort Software Group

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Free Alarm Clock is an alarm program. With Free Alarm Clock you can set any number of "one-off" or recurring alarms and set up conditions for their triggering (for example, the alarm clock can be automatically turned off on Saturday and Sunday). Each alarm clock created can be accompanied by an inscription that reminds you of an event. Users of the program have the ability to set as an alarm signal any MP3 files or use sounds already built into the program. Free Alarm Clock is able to wake up your computer from sleep mode, turn on your monitor and automatically raise the system volume level to the desired level.

- support for one-off and repetitive alarms;

- an opportunity to provide a text reminder to the alarm clock;

- Automatic volume adjustment;

- automatic hibernation of the computer and switching on the monitor.

you can set and set many alarms with fre alarm clock each alarm clock created can be accompanied by an inscription that reminds you of an event.
The free alarm clock app has a lot of useful features. You can change the sound of the alarm depending on the type of alarm you are setting. You can also have just a one time alarm or recurring alarms.
Amazing, very light, and effective alarm clock! I generally use an online alarm clock but this software app is so convenient during the times when of no access to the internet. Greatly recommended! The beautiful thing is it is simple and easy to use.
I had a trouble in finding a better alarm clock software for my Personal computer. One of my friends suggested me to try Free Alarm Clock for Windows. I love the design of it and most importantly, I can able to wake up my system from a suspended power conservation mode using a resident program. This is a real cool feature. I'm very much thankful for the team that have developed this software.
This software is recommended because it allows you to download as many alarm clocks as you want. That's a good feature especially for people with busy and packed schedules. You can set each event to a different alarm. You can set the alarm to repeat or just for one day. It's very customary. You can also set each alarm with a different alarm sound using the ones that came with the alarm or sounds from your music library. There's also a text option to leave yourself a note of what the alarm was set for.
This is a freeware program, which allows us to set an alarm from our computer. We can also customize the wake-up sounds as we like. It also supports the MP3 format. We can set alarm for one time or repeat for the whole week it is very simple to use.
Alarm Clock for windows is the best one because without seeing the time we will work continuously, we will forget to do some work in person, so we need an alarm for reminder It's a great idea, for aged people and medically undergone people need an alarm to their medicines on time. So this is the best software for all aged people, Hope it will support in all the aspects of work and personal
Finally, a free clock software program that will do what you need it to do. This is recommended to all that need a portable clock that will go wherever their computer goes. Customizable alarms that will take into account the weekends. The clock will work even when the computer is in sleep mode. Multiple alarm modes can be programmed in. Put the program on a USB to take with you. Really good software and it is free.
This software is better for schedule workers. we can set many alarms as you want. This software has a portable usb flash drive feature. This software is completely free. Useful for everyone who needs it.
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