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Set your goals. Work more efficiently and save time with LeaderTask! Forget the traditional organizers. They're right for you if you live to work. They're beautiful if you just want to make plans and reminders. Instead, try the next-generation organizer to help you plan your work more efficiently and save time!

Are you a free professional? The whole principle of free schedule is based on the ability to plan your work so that your schedule is flexible, leaving you time for self-improvement and for your family. Sometimes it is very difficult to plan work and leisure time; traditional organisers are simply not suitable for the daily planning of an independent professional's work. LeaderTask will save you time, save you the hassle, show you the blank spaces in your schedule, which will allow you to enjoy your free graphics!

Do you have your own business? Are you tired of using a traditional organizer to plan your schedule? He doesn't suit you anymore, does he? Use LeaderTask - the organizer developed by a small business especially for small business owners! We know better than anyone else on the market what problems you face and what challenges you face every day! Let me help you plan your day so you can do more and have more free time at the same time!

Is your project on schedule? Solve more problems than ever before! Have you counted how many five-minute pauses you make between daily tasks? These five minutes are so short that they are neither useful nor restful; it is a waste of time! Have you seen how much time goes into nowhere every day? LeaderTask will help you plan your work and solve the problem of wasting time! Achieve your goals and waste time with your family or personal development.

- Tree view of tasks: this is much more convenient than the standard task view. You can create a hierarchy of tasks by placing them by level;

- displaying tasks in the calendar: viewing time periods as a grid. Editing tasks, reminders in the calendar. Creating a personal schedule, recurring events;

- Priority: you can set the priority (importance) of any task. You can also set your own set of priorities;

- Reminders: Set reminders for specific events or tasks;

- easy to navigate: you can browse through task partitions as a tree, apply the necessary filters, and customize the Filtering panel and bookmarks for the task tree;

- Personal information manager: LeaderTask allows you to store absolutely any information in the database: documents, images, diagrams, texts and other types of data. You can also store links to files and files themselves;

- User interface and flexible settings: you can fully customize the appearance of Leadertask at will: place the main toolbars, customize the appearance of the task tree, highlight task categories, set your own icons, use flexible settings and much more;

- Protection: ensuring data security. LeaderTask perfectly protects the data by encoding the data and restricting access to the program with a password. It is also possible to back up data;

- Contacts: organization of storage of contacts and any data related to them: groupings, storage of any data, quick access to the contact (e-mail, ICQ, www, phone);

- Password manager: you can use LeaderTask as an e-wallet or password manager. The wallet is used to store confidential information, such as credit card numbers, addresses and service access codes, user names and passwords to confidential sections or sites. LeaderTask is a secure repository for your confidential information, as well as an encryption system. Also, with the help of special functions you can easily retrieve the necessary password and apply it in the right place;

- File container: stores copies or files of any type. LeaderTask can store any files in the database: Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, images. In addition, the program stores files both in LeaderTak and links to external files;

- Link manager: LeaderTask will help you easily store collections of links to websites. You can store links in the form of a tree, add to them any data: screenshots, comments, related contacts. You can set hotkeys for references. You can also retrieve links from LeaderTask;

- Mobility: storing all data in one place allows you to easily move LeaderTask to other computers. All the data will always be at your fingertips, wherever you are;

- Data backup: it is possible to create data backups. Working with multiple versions of data. Return to the old version of the database. Restore tasks from backup.

LeaderTask is a fantastic organiser to help you arrange your schedule. This is suitable for everyone from executives to freelancers. It has an in depth calendar function with the ability to set reminders and priorities for your tasks, as well as useful personal information and password reminders. You need not worry about storing your information on LeaderTask as it comes with complete data security including the ability to set and restore back ups and data encryption. A fantastic addition to your work programs.
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