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A great way to play all of your favorite classic arcade games!

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GameEx is the most advanced front-end for a large selection of current emulators on the market. It natively supports over 50 different emulators for all sorts of different systems. All you have to do is have the emulators installed, and GameEx will take care of the rest!

GameEx makes emulation gaming on your computer very simple. GameEx lists every game that you have installed, and you can start any game that you want by just selecting it! GameEx will then launch the associated emulator and start that game for you. You don't even have to do any configuration for GameEx to know which games are associated with which emulators as it has an excellent built-in assistant that will do all of this for you.

GameEx is fully compatible with USB gamepads or joysticks and other game control devices. You can simply plug the device in and immediately start playing games through GameEx with your device!

GameEx has a special load mode for arcade cabinets and TVs. This allows you to easily install a computer in an arcade cabinet and play it like a real arcade game!

GameEx has a built-in jukebox that can play audio files in a whole variety of different formats for your listening pleasure as your game! It allows you to create and save custom playlists so you can come up with the perfect soundtrack for any of your games!

GameEx has a native online arcade page that allows access to nearly 4,000 flash games, which can be launched directly from GameEx. Additionally, GameEx provides touchscreen support so you can easily play games that require a touchscreen as well!

GameEx is a simple and efficient program that has built-in support for all your favorite systems!

GameEx requires Windows XP or newer. GameEx is free, but you can choose to purchase a paid lifetime subscription for $50. The paid subscription gives you great features such as disabling the nag screen, enabling faster loading, and enabling some third-party additions.

GameEx 10.18 (17.93 MB)
GameEx 13.23 (49.65 MB)
GameEx 13.24 (49.65 MB)
GameEx 14.33 (31.07 MB)
GameEx 14.44 (30.9 MB)
GameEx 14.63 (42.04 MB)
Mike S.
If you have a Windows XP or newer computer, GameEx allows you to play thousands of older video games and audio files of various formats. It's a compilation of about 50 different "game emulators" that will play your list of older games by just clicking on them. (GameEx will find the right environment emulator automatically, even using different inputs\game controllers\touchscreens, and even old tv sets and arcade shells can be used with the product.) You can have a custom audio list of music playing through GameEx's "Jukebox" feature as you game, also, and there's about 4000 online Flash games stored in GameEx's "Arcade" page to explore.
Edwin Lopez
GameEx is a good way to play games from your Computer. I am usually on the go, while I am at the airport waiting for my next flight. I either watch movies or play games from my computer and GameEx is exacly what I need.
one of the software game,
GameEx is perfect for those looking for a multiverse arcade program this is for you. This software product is perfect for extravagant gameplay. It also includes a home theater, all on your PC or laptop. This software program allows for the viewing of films, clips, and trailers as well.
Alfie Tinoco
the software will detect if running under WINE on Linux or Mac OS X and act accordingly. The only external requirement is wine-mono which is included with modern wine builds. The installer will also try to download it if it is not present.
This is a software that is used to launch and run gaming emulators. This platform is mainly used on Windows and helps users play all the PC games that they want to. You can find this on websites such as majorgeeks and softpedia. Overall i think that this software is really meant for people in the realm of gaming and also people who want to run several types of older gaming systems on one platform. Great for if you want to play games that bring a sense of nostalgia
One of the things us in the emulation scene struggle with is cluttered programs. Often we'd need to install and utilize different programs to emulate the classics and keep homebrew alive. But having all these programs is inconvenient and kinda boring. GameEx solves this with a slick display and a consolidation of all of my favorite emulators on one easy to use front-end. This won's pretty good.
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