Garena Plus

by Garena Online

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Garena Online

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.91364

Garena Plus is an updated client of Garena's classic interface. The program is designed to unite fans of PvP/GvG/MOBA games for Windows. With the help of Garena, players from all over the world, using the Internet, can cooperate for joint battles in many games, including popular WarCraft 3/WarCraft 3 TFT, DOTA script for WarCraft 3 TFT (not to be confused with Valve's Dota 2), StarCraft, Counter Strike, Left 4 Dead and many others. By giving its name (Game arena) Garena aims to create as much space as possible for fans of PvP (Player versus Player) mode.

Garena Plus has a whole bunch of useful buns that will please all PvP fans. Screwed up convenient interactive chat, address book for users of the service. The user space is divided into groups according to different attributes. There are groups for different regions (by country or part of the world), groups for players of different skill levels (including sandboxes for beginners and exclusive closed rooms for masters and experienced gamers), specifics of match organization (ClanWar rooms). Players can freely unite in clans, save their garena level (in order to get into the rooms for advanced players), share screenshots and files, invite each other to user games and view each other's ratings. Garena Plus offers the possibility to customize the user interface of the program to your taste and color. In the service system, the Garena development team regularly holds internal promotions and contests with cash prizes.

- Team up with PvP/GvG/MOBA fans around the world;

- Fight the living in more than 30 competitive games;

- raise your level of proficiency from a beginner to a real master;

- create clans and alliances;

- participate in Garena tournaments and championships;

- find players in your area and create your own friend list;

- Customize the Garena Plus interface to your liking.

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