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QPST is a set of tools that are designed to change some important Qualcomm chipset parameters. They are installed in many smartphones and tablets made by Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, Nokia. Also, these chipsets serve as a "heart" for some modems, because Qualcomm is one of the largest players in the CDMA and 3G networks market.

QPST stands for Qualcomm Product Support Tools. Most often, the need to use this program is mentioned in the manuals for "firmware" of various Android-devices. The tools in this package are used for the most operations. For example, the QPST Configuration module allows you to select a COM port to work with the device, RF Calibration and TM Application tools are used to calibrate and test the RF path, respectively. EFS Explorer is a full-fledged file manager that helps to work with the "contents" of the device. Software Download is a handy "flasher" (it's the one you'll have to use for "firmware" most often), and RF NV Item Manager is an NV memory manager. There are modules in it, the purpose of which is difficult to describe in one sentence. For example, Service Programming, which can be used to configure a variety of device settings. Each of the above described tools is quite "independent" and can work separately from the others.

We strongly recommend that you use QPST carefully and perform all operations in accordance with the manual. Remember that some of the tools in the kit are capable of turning your device into a "brick" when handled incorrectly.

- Possibility to select COM-port for work with portable device;

- working exclusively with devices that are equipped with a Qualcomm chip (smartphones, tablets, modems);

- the "independence" of each instrument;

- a full-fledged file manager;

- tools to test and calibrate the RF tract;

- roaming control module;

- convenient NV memory manager;

- Flasher and the firmware removal module for the programmer.

QPST is a software that is used to change chipset parameters. These chipsets are used in many of the cellular devices in use today and are also the core to some modems on the market today! There are many tools in this software and they can be used together or separately from another. It is recommended to use as directed in the manual to avoid turning your device into what they call a "brick". Other features include using the software as a file manager, a roaming control module, and removal modules for the programmer.
It can change some Qualcomm chipset parameters. It have been installed in so many smartphones such as, Samsung, Nokia, Lg, Huawei.. This one is served like heart for some kind of modems. This is one of the largest players in the CDMA and the 3G network system. The QPST is product support system
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