Garmin ANT Agent

Set connections between your PC and Garmin ANT product

Operating system: Windows

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The Garmin ANT agent for windows is a software application that allows one to connect their Garmin ANT device and communication fitness data to your PC from it. Alongside the USB stick and Garmin Connect, it can be used to establish a connection and transfer data. Once inserted, the USB stick automatically scans and searches for the device. For the pairing to initiate, your device must be 1 meter (maximum) away from the USB stick. The data will then transfer upon confirming the exchange of information on your computer. The Garmin ANT agent for windows is freeware and has the ability to run without discrimination on both Windows 32 and 64-bit operating systems. With the application, you will be able to manage your tool freely and maintain track of your accomplishments, as well as your rate of improvement. The application will run in your computer's background, silently and without interrupting any other processes your computer already has in progress. This product is a software, so it can be used and downloaded onto your computer without the need for a physical product. As such, it can be used anytime and anywhere and can be easily utilized on multiple home computers at once without the need for multiple purchases or downloads. It is important to give care towards the transferral of data from the Garmin ANT product to the Garmin Connect, as if you download other content to the device without first transferring the data, all of the said data will not be retained. The application is convenient, and downloads quickly and painlessly!


  • Downloads fast and silently
  • Allows connection from Garmin products to personal computer
  • Works with USB StickĀ 
  • Simple and intuitive tool

The Garmin ANT agent is both an incredibly useful and integral tool for the utilization of all of your Garmin products when you wish to use them in conjunction with your personal computer!

Only application that allows transference of data between Garmin ANT and computer
GARMIN ANT AGENT : Move exercise information flawlessly to our free online network with this USB ANT Stick. Basically plug the stick into your PC's USB port, and it will naturally get your movement information when your perfect wellness gadget is inside range. USB ANT Stickā„¢ Transfer exercise information flawlessly with this USB ANT Stick. This USB stick additionally goes about as a scaffold that enables PCs to show live ANT+ game, wellness and well being information from ANT+ sensors through select ANT+ empowered programming programs.
The Garmin ANT Agent is fantastic software. It helps me keep super precise track of my stats and rate of improvement, I've even told my friends that use Garmin to try this out.
This product allows users to connect their Garmin ANT product to a computer to be able to track fitness data. This program is a great way to keep yourself healthy and track your progress and fitness goals. This is recommendable to athletes and users of all types to keep fit and moving through life.
This license PC freeware has been nothing but amazing for my computer life. I think that it could be used on a daily basis. It is important to track all the fitness data possible and having a Garmin that does just that will be fine to use regularly. I love how the megabyte is small and you are able to use the download for free. This app as a lot of potentials to hit the growing market and make a huge impact on the computer software that is used to this day
Andrew Reilly
This software is amazing! It does its intended functions as advertised. It transfers data between health devices seamlessly and quickly!
Garmin ANT Agent for windows is an easy tool for fitness people that help them transfer the data from other devices to and from the users computer. This allows easy access to information no matter where you are or what you are doing. This software allows you to set up your account the way you need including automatic updates to take the worry off the user.
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