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Manage configuration profiles on Apple devices

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iPhone Configuration Utility is an interesting but technical tool that allows users to configure their devices in a number of ways that are unique to each person. iPhone Configuration Utility lets you create, encrypt and edit configuration profiles that your device has. In simpler terms, you can basically set up your Apple device almost any way you want. From Wifi settings, VPN to mail settings.


  • Free To Use
  • Exchange Account Settings Between Multiple Devices
  • Change Device Security Policies
  • Create Certificates That Allow Your Device To Work In Certain Environments

It is no secret that Apple devices can be a bit of a pain point in the corporate world. If you work at a more upscale office job then chances are there is a lot of protocol you need to go through to gain access to your tunes. Or if you are more of the corporate executive, then you probably use your Apple devices for your workload. So let's go into why you need this program if you have an Apple device.

First and foremost, iPhone Configuration Utility allows you to assimilate your device to your enterprise without all the red tape and permissions. For example, most enterprises require a certificate that would allow your Apple device to operate on company grounds. iPhone Configuration Utility allows you to create that certificate in less than 2 minutes without anyone else knowing.

However, the fun doesn't stop there. Using the iPhone Configuration Utility you can actually set up your work email to be delivered to your device instead of constantly needing to go to the nearest desktop. When the work day is over, you can revert those settings and go about your day. I think the best thing about this is that it is for Windows operating systems now. If you've tried using this on Mac OS, you might have noticed that the software freezes on installation. You don't get that issue when dealing with Windows, which is an added plus because most computers in the workspace are Windows run anyway. So if you want to be more productive with your Apple devices give iPhone Configuration Utility a try. It's free and easy to install.

Completely configure your Apple device in almost any way you want.
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C Rodriguez

This free and easy tool allows you to configure your iPhone with appropriate security certificates to run in an enterprise environment. Have your work email delivered straight to your phone without having to hassle anyone in your IT department on how to set up your iPhone to do it!
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If you are really into configuring your iPhone and being able to easily encrypt your data, the iPhone Configuration Utility for Windows works great. I didn't think I could install configuration profiles on a Windows machine, but thanks to iPhone Configuration Utility you can. It also lets you configure your VPN, XML profile files, and you can even set custom security policies. All in all, this is a great bet if you are looking for more control over your iPhone from a PC.
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I love the iPhone Configuration Utility software program for Windows! You can create, encrypt, maintain, track, push configurations, and gather device information (like console tags). I really like using this to maximize my iPhone and give me the best use of it. It works great for stuff like VPNs too! I think you should give it a try, it is free!
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Owen Culp

Although Apple only enables built in configuration for Mac computer users, iPhone Configuration Utility for Windows actually allows users to manipulate many aspects of configuration profiles from a Windows computer. It is available as a free download and is secure to use.
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iPhone configuration is a utility for Windows is to unlock and bypass accidental locked devices and devices needing activation
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iPhone Configuration Utility for Windows is a software that allows you to easily create, maintain, manage, encode, etc also track install authorized profiles in your device
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iPhone configuration utility for windows is a very useful and reliable software tool that helps to create, maintain and push configuration profiles including console logs. It can run on windows vista, windows 7 , windows XP SP3. It is easy to download and install. Other configuration profiles include WIFI settings, email settings, and certificates which can permit iPhone and iPad to operate without a fuss.
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Calum V.

The iPhone Configuration Utility is a free Apple utility that allows users to create, maintain, encrypt, and install configuration profiles on Apple iOS devices. It is primarily used to configure and deploy iOS devices in enterprise and education environments, and can be used to install provisioning profiles and authorized applications, as well as to collect diagnostic data from the devices.
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Caleb Q.

iPhone Configuration Utility (iPCU) is a great software that allows users to create, modify, and install configuration profiles on iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. I have used it for a few months now and I find it very useful. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, making it easy to configure settings, install certificates, and more. It is also a great tool for deploying multiple devices with the same configuration. I also like that it is free and can be downloaded directly from Apple's website. Another great feature is the ability to install enterprise applications to multiple devices at once. Overall, I'm very satisfied with iPCU and I would definitely recommend it.
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Joshua Guseman

iPhone Configuration Utility is a great tool for managing and configuring iOS devices, but it can be a bit tricky to navigate and some features are hard to locate.
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Finn Chadburn

Using the iPhone Configuration Utility has been a great help in managing our company's iPhones - it's intuitive to use and pretty straighforward to configure even for technophiles.
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Caleb C*****h

This softare is a great tool for managing iPhones and iPads, though it can be quite time consuminng to set up.
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Fraser Kamish

The iPhone Configuration Utility software is a useful tool for managing and configuring multiple iOS devices, but it lacks some advanced features for more complex setups.
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Muhammad M.

iPhone Configuration Utility software is a tool used to create, manage, and deploy configurations and profiles for iOS devices.
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Aidan Jann

The iPhone Configuration Utility software is a useful tool for configuring, managing, and installing profiles and settings on iOS devices.
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