Driver Sweeper

by Guru3D

Restore or use other drives from different devices hooked to your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Guru3D

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Driver Sweeper is an application that is useful because. It allows you to eliminate and or restore drivers of your many different devices that are plugged into your computer in all but a matter of seconds without causing all of those pesky computer errors or just not seamlessly working together. The software is very easy to use in fact you can see a list of all the drivers installed in your system when you use the driver sweeper.


  • It allows you to see a list of all the drivers that are connected to your device even if it is on a different device but connected to it
  • It is fast and easy to use. It can give you a list of the multiple devices drivers within a matter of minutes.
  • It allows all of your connected devices speak to each other no matter the differences in drivers as long as they are physically connected to each other without those pesky computer error pop-ups.
  • More drivers can be selected for the cleaning process than with any other software especially if you have to restart in safe mode because of errors or the fact that your drivers are not communicating with each other.
  • this software can also be found online for free. It is the best price ever to simply try. What have you got to lose?

In conclusion, driver sweep is a great program to have because for one it is for free which can be found and downloaded straight from the internet. It also can let multiple drivers that are connected to your device to talk to one another or even clean the drivers when your system can not make your drivers work and your system has to be rebooted in safe mode which is a huge hassle. Driver sweep is also very easy to use once it is installed. It will start working in a matter of minutes to detect and or begin cleaning those pesky drivers.

It can bridge the gap between other device drivers connected through one interface
you introduced the software very simple. I think people like to see more attractive advertisement. you can provide a table and compare the features of your app with other available applications. As, I said it is better to put some pictures and show how much is user-friendly the software.
Driver Sweeper for Windows is an excellent tool to have in the back of your pocket because it eliminates and restores drivers from different devices that you have connected to your computer. It acts quickly and efficiently and allows you to eliminate and restore drivers in seconds. It's also simple to use. Even someone who's not very tech-savvy can figure out how to run it. When you run the sweeper, it will show you a list of all of the drivers that you have installed on your computer. To get rid of one, you just need to select it and then click "clean." This can help you free up space on your device.
Driver Sweeper is quite a simple and elegant software product. In terms of function, it does just that. It wipes out and erases any drivers connected to your devices by USB. With this, a user can erase any undesirable drivers, especially those pesky ones leftover following an uninstallation. It is quite fast and satisfying in that it cleans up whatever is leftover on your device. It is free to use and has an excellent interface.
Ethan Stegall
A very useful tool designed to make sure the correct driver is instantly accessed and used by your PC, eliminating confusion and clutter and ultimately increasing speed. This is a great tool for individuals concerned about performance or the small business person. A bargain investment in the speed of your system and rewarded with increased stability.
It is a practical application on windows that will help you delete or add drivers in a matter of seconds. Once you click on the actual driver you can click on the clean button and clear it out. You do have to used it in proper way so it can work in your system and have a lot of space left in your system. If you do that you can have a lot of space for other programs. It is recommendable to do a backup before deleting any driver
I use this product in tandem with CCleaner. Both are great products, this product does a great job of completely erasing drivers so you can start fresh. You can run into problems if you don't have drivers completely uninstalled, and this program does a great job at cleaning thoroughly. It has an option to also be able to boot into safe mode, which is pretty neat. I would highly recommend this product for anyone using Windows!
it lets me know what drivers might need to be cleaned so you can avoid having an outright driver problem later on down the line. I would recommend this software.
A really useful tool for cleaning up driver leftovers. One thing I hate about having a PC is constantly having to update my drivers. Driver Sweeper makes that easy for me; it has a super easy-to-use UI and has already saved me a whole lot of time. I particularly like that it keeps a backup as it gives me peace of mind when updating and removing old drivers. Overall, i'd recommend it to anyone looking to save some time.
Graphic Card updates and drivers sometimes cause many insolvable problems for running games and industrial programs. the only way to solve these problems is to remove driver leftovers from the system and Driver Sweeper is the best tool for this. Its unique algorithm for deleting files can help so much in cleaning the computer from driver leftovers. It's the best toll for NVIDIA owners because NVIDIA doesn't have any similar software for customers. Also, it has a very simple interface.
This software is good for people who are trying to clean their computer drivers. This program will also delete the drivers if necessary. Its very simple to use which is appealing. It shows you all the drivers at startup and will let you delete any at a click of a button. You must make sure what you are doing though because this is crucial for the computer to work normally. If you mess up you can damage your computer forever. It needs some drivers to work properly usually. If you are not unsure of what you are doing make sure to make a backup for your drivers so you can easily go back and restore it just in case you messed up and deleted the one you weren't supposed to.
Driver Sweeper for Windows, as the name states is a tool that allows you to eliminate drivers from your devices, but it also allows you to restore drivers in case that's what you want
Your laptop and desktop computer systems keep you abreast of the business, social and cultural world. You use them for access, storage, documentation, personal and artistic expression, and so much more. So, their maintenance is a high priority. A seemingly niggling concern, like leftover drivers, can create time lags. The instability could raise its ugly head. Get rid of those unwanted drivers quickly, with Driver Sweeper for Windows. This product is very intuitive and the process of uninstalling the drivers is simple. Ensure that your office’s best friend has an unencumbered start-up time by installing this easy, efficiency-promoting product.
Driver Sweeper for Windows is an effective program that lets you get rid of and build new elements of multiple software on your laptop or desktop quickly. It is simple to navigate. When Driver Sweeper for Windows is operating, you can view every element that is functioning on your technological machine. If you would like to get rid of an element, you can choose it and remove it. Overall, Driver Sweeper for Windows is a wonderful tool that can free up clutter on your computer.
This will allow you to eliminate and also restore drivers of all types of different devices plugged in your computer, very quickly too. . It's very easy to use: When you run it, you see a list of all drivers installed in your system. It’s super easy and wonderful. I highly recommend!
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