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gedit is one of the most famous text editors.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Gnome

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gedit is one of the best application software used in text editing usage. This application software is familiar with GNOME desktop environment. This environment needs a better editing tool for a long purpose. This application software handles all types of ASCII files with a shortcut basis in a fraction of a second. This application software is the greatest gift to programmers because it handles most of the jobs easily. This application software tool simplifies the jobs of programmers. This application software tool supports object-oriented programming languages and web programming languages.

gedit application software tool is capable to supports many plugins in any type of application for better programming impact. Compared to other text editing tools, this application tool performs better in most of the environments.This application software tool enables more plugins for its better functions in any application platform of programming language creation. This application software tool estimates every plugin for better usage for every task which are assigned as an individual. This application software tool performs a comprehensive check and edits in program sets also. This application software tool helps to spell correction in programming code for better enhancement and output.

This application software tool works automatically in Windows operating system machines after download. This application software tool gives a better performance among files and scripts which are assigned. This application software tool enables autosave option mode in files and scripts for a better backup facility. This facility helps to avoid damages in files and scripts. This application software tool mainly interacts with syntaxin programming scripts. This feature helps to improve coding efficiency overall. This application software tool supports most of the international languages for programming scripts. This application software tool is a purely free version. In the Linux operating system, gedit comes as the default text editing tool and in Windows Operating systems, we can download this application tool as a free version.


It supports several programming languages in editing purpose.

  • Simple text editing tool
  • Familiar for most of the international languages
  • Plug-in supporting feature is available
  • Compatible in most of the operating systems
  • Free download
  • This application tool performs auto save feature among scripts.
  • Gedit supports famous programming languages like C, C++, Java, HTML and Python.
  • It provides every information about scripts that are assigned.
gedit 2.30.2 (22.81 MB)
gedit 3.36.2 (77.44 MB)
If you're looking for a text editor that you can use in the Gnome environment, then you need to check out gedit for Windows. This program is not just efficient, but it's available to use at no cost to you. It's perfectly compatible to use with a variety of programming languages, including but not limited to Haskell, SQL, C++ and Python.
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