Gilisoft Free Disk Cleaner

by GiliSoft International LLC.

A great piece of software for cleaning the junk off your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: GiliSoft International LLC.

Release: Gilisoft Free Disk Cleaner 2017

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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If your computer or laptop is running slow, not loading complete webpages, or restarting randomly, this is excellent software. I had many issues with my laptop, only working when it was plugged in. It turns out I had tons of background processes running that I was completely unaware of. If you are not tech-savvy, similar to me, this software makes it very easy to identify software issues on your device and fix them with the click of a button. The software detects issues almost instantly and gives you a detailed rundown of every process your computer is running. It only stops the unnecessary ones, ensuring that your laptop stays in its best shape. I do not know what I would do without this software on my computer. It takes forever to turn on, restart, and my web browser often crashes, especially if I am streaming.

After clearing up disk space with this software, I can stream multiple videos at the same time while playing music. My computer also does not overheat as it used to. I never understood why it overheated so quickly. But not I can run so many programs with no issues whatsoever. My internet speed was terrible before, and now, without even paying to upgrade my ISP, I can load webpages like never before. I had no idea that my laptop was loaded down by so many temporary files. I had so many old programs that have not been used in centuries! It quickly identified my issues and cleaned them up on their own. I simply sat back relaxed and watched the program work; it's magic!

The best part is the price: free! What a bargain! I almost spent hundreds of dollars at the Microsoft store to pay a guy named Fred to try and speed up my laptop when he recommended this FREE software! I did not even know how to download it properly, but the software made the entire process a huge breeze, even for an old lady like myself. I have never written a review for a product, but this one was so exceptional I could not resist. I would highly recommend it, even if you are not having issues, just to see how much speed your laptop is capable of. Mine runs faster than when it was new out of the box.

Gets rid of all the extra junk!

  • Gets rid of files that are no longer being used
  • Detects malicious processes and put an end to them
  • Presents detailed information about the processes and speed of your computer
  • Allows maximum work efficiency
  • Great gift for a college student
it is safety clean junk and obsolete files. gilisoft free disk cleaner can create customized expectation lists. it is powerful disk analyzer. it reduces the unnecessary files on hard disk. also increases the computer speed and performance. thus, while cleaning the lot junk file the system may slow.
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