Netscape Navigator

by Netscape Communications

Netscape Navigator, web browser based on Firefox. Cross-platform. Very effective!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Netscape Communications

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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It was Netscape that pioneered browsers for ordinary users, allowing them to explore the Internet easily and easily. Today its new version is based on the most advanced technologies.

The new Netscape provides additional security features, simplifies standard surfing tasks, and is a weapon for Internet users with many tools to save time on Internet surfing.

This version of Netscape is based on Firefox. And even the browser interfaces are similar. However, this release has been polished to a high gloss by the developers, correcting some of the problems of "Ognelis".

- a security center with the ability to quickly view the protection status;

- Real-time protection against Spyware and Adware when downloading files from the Internet

- Upload and read RSS feeds in real time without having to install a separate news reader;

- You can create more than one profile to store your bookmarks and passcards separately from other users. It is possible to create a profile for your children and use the Parental Controls feature;

- working with tabs;

- Site management to make surfing with Netscape more secure;

- A multibar that allows you to configure up to ten different toolbars that can be accessed in one click;

- Memorizing and autofilling forms and passcards for websites;

- Live Content for quick access to information important to you.

Its great to see an old friend after so many years. I forgot how good you were, old Netscape Navigator. I don't even remember why we broke up. Anyway, there's nothing like a little familiarity to bring back the good old days.
Navigate your online social life with Netscape Navigator. This tool helps in many ways and it is easy to use. See what your friends have been up to or simply keep better track of posts with this software. There are some great new features, though some might prefer more traditional methods. Overall, Netscape Navigator for Windows is an easy to use way to save you time online.
Netscape Navigator is a webpage browser which was prominently used in the 1990's. It was the one of the top webpage browsers of it's time. After the introduction of Internet explorer. It is no longer being used and the final version has been released 12 years ago.
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