by Microsoft

A mobile instant messaging platform for creating and managing chat groups across various platforms.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

Antivirus check: passed

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GroupMe offers a convenient platform for group communication, enabling real-time chat, media sharing, and event planning.
Compatible with iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.
Must have access to the internet for messaging.
Able to access device contacts and send SMS.
Supports media files sharing.

Supports real-time conversations and media file sharing.
Integration with other apps enhances chatting experience.
"meme images" function adds fun to messaging.

Doesn't support message deletion in group chats.
Requires a constant internet connection for proper functioning.
No end-to-end encryption, raising privacy concerns.
Tweeten is a powerful, easy-to-use Twitter client designed to help you get the most out of Twitter.
Easily allows chats to take place between coworkers
VSee is a secure video communication and telehealth platform designed for medical professionals, organizations, and enterprises.
Unigram is a messaging app for Windows 10 that provides a fast and secure way to communicate with friends and family.
DogeHouse is a software platform for creating and managing custom applications and websites with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.