by Ike

An open source software that serves as a personal action manager to utilize the user's time

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ike

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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GTD-Free is an easy-to-use tool for time management (Getting Things Done), based on David Allen's method, which helps to bring your life to a complete order, with which you will no longer rely on pieces of paper and a pen. The GTD-Free application allows you to automate the entire life planning process, it uses any simple XML database or .ODB files, moving from the first to the second. GTD-Free runs on both Windows and Linux systems and is free and open source software. The user interface of the program is very simple and understandable even to the beginner user at each stage of the workflow. Here you will be able not only to fix your life's long-term and intermediate goals, but also to control the time and the process of achieving them. While the GTD-Free program is still at an early stage of development, and therefore the team plans to implement a lot in future releases. Nevertheless, what has been done to date is perfectly debugged, works stably and fulfills its purpose perfectly.

GTD-Free - one of the simplest applications for the organization of time management

Gtd-Free tool is very useful it use XMLdatabase which make it easy accessible .the most important thing this software is free of cost so don’t need to pay to access this valuable software. As this software is new but still very efficient
GTD free, standing for getting things done, is a time management utility based on David Allen's method that brings your life back to complete order without relying on pieces of paper and a pen. It uses an XML database moving from one task to the next.
This is the new app for me to use, but it is very user friendly with the options and easy to understand with the simple options, for example, the explanation of GTD is "getting things done" which is used for the workflow as user interface for windows. The other reason for using this app is to reduce the time we spent on the work.
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