by NCBuy

A fun word game, a classic among those

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NCBuy

Release : HangARoo 2.05

Antivirus check: passed

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HangARoo is a classic among word-guessing games and phrases, too. This program is a great source of entertainment between everyday computer routines. The game was up for decades and so it also became nostalgic for many people who enjoyed it in the past, one more reason to try it out!

It's a simple yet fun and addictive gameplay loop, and mechanics create a great environment where the objective is clear - guess the phrase! It limits your error count to three to add some spice to your word selection and make word choice really matter. When reached, the Kangaroo is hanged, and the game is over. The rules are plain simple, yet make for a very addictive and cool gameplay matter.


A word game with lots of levels to complete, a phrase-guessing style and more to discover!

  • Over 8.500+ terms and phrases, words, and combinations to play around with
  • 120+ categories to choose from, including sports, television, and more
  • "Did you know?" phrases with a plethora of fun facts for educational purposes and discovering new information
  • An interactive experience with a smart sound design to reward you with the right guesses 
  • Hilarious endings were added in V.2, making an already fun game even more surprising 
  • Custom word creation lists and options allow for making 3rd party phrases to be implemented into the game, making for an even greater variety of playing ways  
  • The small size of the app makes installing and playing easy and not memory-consuming and tiring

Overall HangARoo is a great choice for anyone seeking a quick phrase-guessing game to catch on while bored or simply wanting to try out a new game format. The only downside of the app is leaving behind ads after uninstalling the game, which, of course, isn't very polite - so make sure to clean the program entirely off your PC if planning on finishing your HangARoo game. But still, it provides a good source of almost infinite entertainment for the user (thanks to the custom phrase creation option) and a fun way of passing some time.

OS: Windows XP or higher
RAM: minimum 512 MB
Free disk space: minimum 50 MB
Sound card compatible with DirectX

Educational yet entertaining, providing a wide range of terms.
Allows users to create customized word lists for gameplay.
Offers amusing endings and clever quips for enhanced user experience.

Limited graphics make game appeal less engaging.
Constant repetition of phrases can get tedious.
The game lacks a multiplayer option.
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