The Parking Lot

by Novel Games Limited

A smart parking management system that increases parking capacity by up to 25%

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Novel Games Limited

Release : The Parking Lot 1.1

Antivirus check: passed

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When looking for the best parking lot software, you might get a list of them, but finding one that is diversified and efficient is hard. Therefore, Parkable stepped up as a powerful platform that reduces admin time and provides excellent user management. It is trusted by popular organizations and promotes a fair work culture. 

This parking lot provides an automated EV charging, and manages parking and occupancy tracking across multiple locations. There is an activity dashboard where you can analyze and find different parking slots on your web. It also ensures electronic payments so you can generate revenue and get receipts. 


Parkable uses technology to improve the parking experience for tenants, employers, and organizations so they can increase occupancy.

  • It is a comprehensive parking management software that simplifies the park booking process.
  • You can also monitor the number of free parking spaces and increase the parking capacity up to 25%. 
  • It helps to create seamless parking slots and captures data from existing surveillance cameras. This facilitates stress-free and quick management of the parking areas.
  • Users can access the Parkable app to book reservations or schedule employee parking slots. All of this can be done with a single click. 
  • A customer support team is always there to assist and guide you with parking management solutions. 
  • It provides occupancy tracking, visitor parking, ANPR, gate access, EV charger management, and more.


Above all, Parkable is a diverse software that helps in payment processing, monitoring, access control, and reporting. With its parking zone management feature, you can reduce admin time and easily manage tenant and employee parking. You can also save time by improving the daily commute and enhancing your work culture. 

Parkable helps in generating revenue by capitalizing on your commercial space. It reduces carbon footprint and thus helps in environmental sustainability. Different universities, managing staff, employees, or students can use this software to get smart solutions for car parking problems. It is easy to use and contains reserved parking groups for on-site and off-site car parkings. Thus, you can benefit from its simple and intuitive user interface. 

- Must support click and drag functionality
- Should display level, time, and score
- Must allow only directional movements
- Should promote players upon level completion

Engaging puzzle game encouraging strategic thinking.
Clearly displayed performance indicators for competition.
Progressively challenging levels maintain player interest.

Lacks a tutorial for beginners to understand the game mechanics.
No option to adjust difficulty level for individual players.
Limited features may become monotonous over time.
An educational software designed to support the segmentation of German words