Snake Game


Maneuver a growing line without colliding into borders or its own trail

Operating system: Windows


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The Snake Game, originally known as "Le jeu du serpent" in French, is a video game concept where the player controls an ever-growing line, which becomes the main obstacle. This idea was first introduced in 1976 with the arcade game Blockade, and its simple implementation has led to hundreds of variations across multiple platforms.

The player controls a dot, a square, or an object on a plane restricted by borders. As it moves forward, it leaves a trail behind, resembling a moving snake. In some games, the end of the trail is fixed, so the snake continues to lengthen as it progresses. In another common version, the snake has a specific length, so there's a movable tail a certain distance from the head. The game ends if the snake collides with the screen border, its own trail, or another obstacle.

  • Control of a point or an object moving within constrained borders
  • Creation of a trail behind the moving point or object, resembling a snake
  • Possibility of losing the game if the snake touches the screen border, its own trail, or another obstacle
  • Various game variations, some of which involve a fixed length snake with a movable tail

The simplicity of the Snake Game, coupled with its potential for complexity with the addition of different game elements, makes it a timeless classic. Whether it's the original version or one of its many variations, Snake offers players a challenging experience that tests their speed and agility.

The Snake Game enhances players' speed and agility through its simple yet challenging interface.
- Requires keyboard or touch screen for controls
- Needs minimum 512 MB of RAM
- Compatible with multiple operating system platforms
- Requires a display resolution of 800x600 or higher

Intuitive controls for a fun, straightforward gaming experience.
Challenging gameplay that tests speed and agility.
Timeless, simple concept with variations for added complexity.

Lacks advanced graphics compared to modern games.
Might seem repetitive after prolonged play.
Limited gameplay variations available.
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