A fun memory-based tile-matching game featuring multiple levels and global score sharing.
An engaging variant of the game LINES, offering two modes and rewarding strategic play
Sliding Block Puzzle
A challenging mind game where users strive to strategically move a red block out of a frame.
Animal Jigsaw Puzzles
Enjoy over 100 customizable jigsaw puzzles featuring a variety of animal images.
A free multiplayer word game, supporting English, French, and German, with online and offline modes.
Snake Game
Maneuver a growing line without colliding into borders or its own trail
Sudoku X
A challenging 9x9 grid puzzle game, demanding distinct digits in rows, columns, squares and diagonals.
Smart Bee
An interactive game helping users master efficient strategies through bee-themed puzzles
Peg Solitaire
Enjoy an engaging chessboard game where you strategically remove pegs until one remains
Jigsaw Sudoku
A strategic puzzle game where players complete a 9x9 grid with irregular, numbered groups
Join the Dots
A fun and interactive dot-to-dot game that helps children learn and draw images
Monkey Banana
It's an interactive game where players guide a monkey up ladders to reach bananas.
Santa's Sleigh
A holiday-themed puzzle game where you arrange sleighs for Santas on a grid
Letter Blocks
Form words from adjacent letter blocks in a grid to score points and compete.
Star Crossword
An engaging game where you fill empty spaces on a star to form valid words
Flip It
A strategic game where you flip black pieces to white on a customizable chessboard
A puzzle game challenging users to strategically remove matchsticks to create squares
Word Grid
A timed puzzle game where players form words from a grid of 16 letters
Colour Mixing
An interactive tool for learning color combinations through additive or subtractive methods.
An engaging Japanese logic puzzle game involving number placement and inequality signs.
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