Recover passwords used previously. Never forget your passwords again!

Operating system: Windows

Release: SAMInside

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This software is a security product that will work with any Windows edition and doesn't need to be installed; it is an application that can be downloaded. SAMInside is primarily known for its password recovery spec. It is also capable of keeping your confidentiality: passwords, secure information, and other important information. Six different types of attacks are supported for password recovery. This software contains several export features and 10 import features. SAMinside can also decode passwords and information while processing it. Recent changes have been made to improve import hashes. For example, *.LC and *.LST files. If you are someone who is vulnerable to getting locked out of your computer, forgetting E-mail passwords, of becoming the victim of a hacker, this could be a beneficial product for you.


  • Toolbar (Importing SAM, system registry files, etc.)
  • Status Bar (List of users, uncovered passwords and hashes)
  • Statistics Bar (Information about the action performed within applications)
  • Types of attacks: Brute Force, Distributed, Mask, Dictionary, Hybrid, and Pre-calculated tables attack
  • New, additional menu functions

This program is free to try, and it could save you a lot of time in the future. Being able to rely on technology to remember the technical information for us will ensure us that we are secure and protected from the Internet's infamous hackers and identity thieves. Never forget your password again with your good friend SAMinside.

It will help you recover passwords used previously as well as remind you to do specific things!

  • Export Users to PWDUMP File
  • Export Found Passwords
  • Export Statistics
Matt E
It will help you recover passwords. It also has a feature that will remind you to do specific thing. The software can be used with various applications and programs so it is useful to nearly everyone who owns a computer. The main feature is to be able to remember passwords that may not be used as often as others. So if you forget a password this can help you recover whatever you may need.
imi dow
It will help you recover passwords used previously as well as remind you to do specific things!
This product allows for one to recover used passwords easily. I know that I definitely lose my passwords or forget them often. Using a program like this is an effective way to help to remedy this problem I feel as though this offers a great service and one that translates to most of our population. Lots of people could definitely benefit from this.
Robbie Canty
I like this program because it can be downloaded and you dont have to go to the store and install any software which ads hours to the process of keeping your stuff safe. It can be used with many applications and programs which is convenient because you dont have to download different security software for different programs.
I never knew I needed a password manager until I tried out this app. It's available on Windows. It helps me organize my passwords in one place. Super convenient. I can use them across multiple devices too. It makes life so much easier to not have to track down my password for every app or program I use. It saves my passwords and logins as I browse. I can sync this data to any device so I can have my passwords available regardless of what I am using.
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