HDDlife Pro

by BinarySense, Ltd.

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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: BinarySense, Ltd.

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HDDlife Pro - Worried about a hard drive failure? Take the HDDlife utility, which monitors the hard drive in real time, alerting you to a protection problem and preventing data loss. This is a hard disk storage device that detects system malfunctions. The program controls the risk of data loss on the hard disk in 100% of cases.

HDDlife is based on S.M.A.R.T. technology and works for both individual computers and large computer networks. S.M.A.R.T. technology has been specifically developed by hard drive manufacturers to accurately predict the state of the hard drive and prevent hard drive failure. HDDlife is software that helps you protect your hard drive.

HDDlife displays S.M.A.R.T. parameters in real time, and the system reacts instantly if the hard drive is in danger, alerting the administrator. The system administrator can save data that is at risk of leaving the working state of the hard disk.

HDDlife compares new parameter values with previous values while consuming a minimum of RAM. The program is very simple and available to users who do not have special knowledge of computer handling or knowledge in the field of hard disk production technology. Over the past four years, more than 100,000 hard drives have had no failures (with loss of data)! It's a brand new technology that lets you know your health and your hard drive's performance immediately, both when you start the program for the first time and when you initiate it again! There is no need to monitor the discs for a long time! The software is unique and has no analogues yet!

Thanks to this technology, HDDlife shows the health of the hard drive and the percentage of performance compared to new drives. HDDlife can operate in the background, checking and monitoring the health of your hard drives and the security of your data at specific time intervals. At the same time, the program uses very little memory and maybe you won't get bored with unnecessary messages. To be able to work effectively, you need to know not only your health but also your hard drive's performance.

With HDDlife, you can see when your hard drive is approaching a critical state and when it's time to replace the hard drive before it becomes too slow and interferes with your work. Today's computers emit a lot of heat and use cooling systems to lower the temperature. The hard drive is no exception: the faster it runs, the higher its temperature becomes. When the temperature of the hard disk increases by 10 degrees, the efficiency of the work drops by half! That's why it's important to control the temperature of the hard drive.

HDDlife solves this problem by displaying the actual disk temperature in the system tray (next to the computer clock). Another useful feature is that HDDlife can show you the highest temperature level that the hard disk has reached during its entire lifetime (only if the disk supports this function). HDDlife Pro lets you determine how your hard drive has worked, if it has ever overheated, and if it will fail in the future.

- ease of use;

- unique technology;

- Monitoring and warning of danger;

- regular preventive checks;

- the free space information on the winchester;

- Winchester efficiency control;

- temperature measurement of your disks;

- information about the operating time of the Winchester;

- Adjustment (AAM) of the performance/noise level;

- remote monitoring and notification.

HDDlife Pro for windows is a licensed software program that monitors the health of your hard drive. Hard drives get overworked and overused overtime. The purpose of this software is to monitor and check out the health of the hard drive. The moment the health declines to the hard drive, HDDlife Pro gives you updates and alerts. Not only does it monitor the health it can also monitor temperature and memory space. This software is customizable. You customize your alerts and what you want to be monitored. This software is a great resource for users who use a lot of RAM to run your programs.
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