Zero Assumption Recovery (ZAR)

by ZAR data recovery

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ZAR data recovery

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.42103

Zero Assumption Recovery (ZAR) is an application designed to recover lost data. The program can help in the following cases: hard disk formatting, file system failure, MBR record corruption, RAID array corruption, digital photo recovery. Successful data recovery requires additional media and a damaged drive must at least be detected in the BIOS. The trial version of the program has some limitations - restoration of up to four directories at a time, lack of possibility to load files with intermediate results. Photo recovery is available in full mode.

Riley (unverified)
This software could be useful, but I get the idea from the description that I wouldn't be able to save my files with the trial version. I would have to pay an unspecified amount to recover everything. I would want to know the pricing upfront before I went ahead and installed.
Sam (unverified)
i had thought i had lost 1 terabytes of files, when for two weeks i tried 5 different packages that are supposed to be the best but no software i used could find my files.. until i discover wondershare data recovery... found every file in perfect condition.
Harry (unverified)
I use this software to get back old files that I have accidentally deleted or deleted and did not realize that i would want them at a later date. Has a variety of options to use and helps me find old data and improve current working conditions for other items.
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