by Ray Marron

A free utility for maintaining your HOSTS file primarily for ad-blocking purposes

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ray Marron

Release : Hostess 4.1

Antivirus check: passed

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Hostess is a complimentary application that primarily serves to manage your HOSTS file. Unlike many other HOSTS file utilities, Hostess is primarily designed to block ads rather than resolve IP addresses. It optimizes the efficiency and ease of maintenance of your HOSTS file by storing your host entries in an indexed database to eliminate duplicates and facilitate searching.

Installing Hostess is a breeze: simply create a directory, unzip the content of the zip file into that directory, and create a shortcut to Hostess.exe. No changes will be made to the registry, and all program settings and data are stored in the program directory.

  • Stores host entries in an indexed database to remove duplicates
  • Makes searching quick and easy due to indexing
  • Allows grouping of these hosts for efficiency and ease of maintenance
  • No registry changes are required for installation
  • All program settings and data are stored in the program directory

It's important to note that manipulating the HOSTS file is not recommended for inexperienced users as it can result in undesired and sometimes difficult to resolve effects on your internet connection and network connectivity. The documentation supplied with Hostess only provides a basic overview of the workings of the HOSTS file. More comprehensive information sources can be found by searching the term 'HOSTS file' on the internet. Hostess was designed to simplify things for experienced users of the HOSTS file, those who want precise control over what gets in (and stays out of) their HOSTS file.

Hostess software simplifies management of your HOSTS file, efficiently blocking ads and facilitating easier maintenance.
Operating system: Windows 7 or higher
The system should have Host files manager features
Internet connection is required
Knowledge of manipulating the HOSTS file is needed

Facilitates easy management and maintenance of HOSTS file.
Facilitates quick and easy search due to indexing.
Installation doesn't require any registry changes.

Limited functionality beyond ad-blocking and HOSTS file maintenance.
Lacks comprehensive guidance for inexperienced HOSTS file users.
No automatic update or real-time protection features.