HP Battery Check

Check the status of the internal and external battery on a laptop

Operating system: Windows

Release: HP Battery Check

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Hp Battery Check scans your laptop to ensure that the battery is functioning correcty.  It checks both the inernal and external battery for issues.


  • It translates any findings into an easly unstandable dionastic  
  • It provides suggestions for possible solutions with step by step instuctions to fix the problem.
  • It can be immediately started as soon as the laptop powers on.
  • It also gives you warrenty information incase the battery nees to be replaced.

In conclusion, the Hp Battery check is a powerful and vital tool for your computer. It alerts you of any issue you may have if you find your battery not keeping a charged as long as ususal. One of the beast features is that you do not have to be very tech savy to use it. The scan will explain any issues it finds in a simple way and even walk you through some troubleshooting steps. If you have done everything that you can the program will give you warrenty information just incase you do end up having to replace that old battery. So if your laptop if losing it charge a little quicker than normal, I would definitely suggest trying the HP battery check before you go out and spend money on a new battery or have a technician look at it.

It makes it easier to understand and resolve battery issues.
Carlisa S
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the purpose of this tool is to be able to verify the correct functionality of the battery that comes installed on the HP laptops. To run it, you must connect the AC adapter to the laptop. When running this software it will emit one of several messages to illustrate the current condition of your battery, such as OK (battery is performing as expected), calibrate (needs calibration) and replace (the battery life is not performing up to spec so it needs to be replaced)
Jacob Hagerty
Definitely get this before you bring your notebook to an expert or for any repairs. It might save you a lot of money. You can easily check and verify the functionality of the primary and secondary batteries to make sure they're running properly.
This tool is very easy to use which is mostly used to check the functionality of batteries on HP laptops. There are several handy labels to notify you the current state of your battery and whether you need to see a professional to fix it, this includes Ok, Calibrate, Replace, No Battery and Error. For someone obsessed with their computer, this piece of software gives me clarity that my laptop is running healthily and does the job very well.
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