HTML Compiler

by DecSoft's

Compile HTML web pages in executable format on Windows OS

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DecSoft's

Release: HTML Compiler

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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HTML Compiler (for Windows) compiles HTML and web-based applications through an executable format on the Windows operating system. It is compatible with versions of Windows as dated as XP all the way up to current releases of Windows 10. The software also seems to be supported by updates by the developer whenever necessary. Not only does it provide all of the features necessary to show how a website will look and function post-development it can also be used for the main development purpose of being a standalone HTML application on Windows.


  • Standalone functionality on Windows Operating Systems (Windows XP - Windows 10)
  • Convenient, efficient, and diverse in the application (For a wide variety of tasks, not limited to presentation purposes)
  • The specification can be set for automatic execution or extraction.
  • Can be used to protect websites and also boasts multiple languages and themes.

Anybody looking for a straight-forward software to compile websites or apps for use on a Windows machine without needing a browser should look into HTML Compiler as their top choice. A great daily-driver app for compiling HTML and can handle simple tasks such as help files or much more complex functions such as entire websites or apps meant for native launch as an executable on a Windows operating system. Not only do you get one software to handle various types of file formats and parts of a website for you, but it also comes with a free trial as it is considered shareware. For an independent web developer like myself I simply could not get work done without this affordable, yet versatile tool. I would highly recommend HTML Compiler to veteran web developers and new-comers alike, as it helps give you a sandbox so to speak when it comes to developing HTML based content. You get to develop without hosting fees and can work on offline projects as well.

HTML Compiler provides a simple and more than effective way of displaying HTML web based designs and - it's standalone.
Dylan Fletcher
The HTML Compiler makes using the internet so much easier. It compiles all of the internet sites I need without needing to use a browser; talk about convenient! It is also compatible with Windows XP so I was able to use their software. It's hard to find any software that still offers regular updates for such old Operating systems.
Sandy Logan
The HTML Compiler is a wonderful tool for web based design. It has many different themes and languages. It can operate as a standalone software without the need to use a browser. It is a product for windows systems as old as Windows XP or as new as Windows 10. It comes with regular updates from the developer.
The HTML compiler will do exactly that, compile HTML as well as web-based apps directly through a specific format on the windows system. It is compatible with almost any version of windows, from XP all the way up to 10. My favorite part of the HTML compiler is that it can be automatically set to automatically execute or extract software.
HTML Compiler is a wonderful tool for converting HTML applications into their own components, which can then be run. It is specified for Windows and allows a user to input an entire HTML application. It allows users to backup their sites and even creates their own EXE files which are secure. You may create any offline versions of HTML pages that you choose, and it works rapidly to do so.
Jamie Elrod
HTML Compiler is a program for Microsoft Windows(tm) that allows you to put an entire HTML application (including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Images) into an standalone Windows application which can be executed like any other Windows application.
HTML Compiler is an excellent little piece of software. The software allows you to place an entire HTML program whilst also allowing JavaScript into a windows app, making it playable like any other app. The software makes it seem like the code you just wrote seem like a real official app, allowing you to even customise the icon which you click on to run the app. There's even a free trial available if you just wanna try it out and see how useful it is for a starter.
This wasn't my first HTML compiler app but as I come across this, I found it easy, reliable, and amazing. This software is secure which is very rare with this price and also there is no limitation, you can convert anything to HTML app so quite robust. After using so many HTML compiler, this one is the easiest and also has CLI interface which makes easy for developers like me. I would recommend buying this software.
I have to say, this is almost certainly one of the best HTML compilers you can get. And it's great that it works on my Windows device. It's really helpful when making HTML websites; I use it all the time at home and at work. It's a shame that the trial has limited functionality, however, as I think the paid version is definitely a lot better.
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