Hypersocket SSO

by Hypersocket Software Limited

Single sign-in solution for those looking to utilize business applications efficiently and avoid unnecessary procedures

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Hypersocket Software Limited

Release: Hypersocket SSO 1.1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Hypersocket SSO is a safe and reliable sign-in solution for those who would like access to excellent and compatible security. It gives users a complete summary to review regarding their business application installed on their Windows PC or laptop and thus is holistic in providing the user an idea of how everything is running. For users who would like a more reliable way to find out about how apps are running, which apps are running and which process is in the queue, this is a great way to monitor and establish a sense of understanding of how they run simultaneously.

Hypersocket SSO provides a unique and proper way of ensuring that user privacy is preserved first of all and gives the user complete control over their files and information, as opposed to the standard applications which generally do not provide such info and thus do not have this same functionality. It also includes multifactor authentication as a gold feature, meaning that your accounts and data are automatically much less accessible when you utilize this feature, and also has role management as another valued feature. In installing and configuring this application, you can sign in in a single method as opposed to having to go through the hassle of entering different forms to sign in, so you can boost your productivity and avoid wasting time with passwords that seemingly do not match.

Additionally, there is an active monitoring of user activity. So everything that you do and how your business applications respond is kept safe to a high degree, and you have this peace of mind of knowing that you are really in control, as opposed to not having this application and being left in the dark about all of these aspects.

I would highly recommend Hypersocket SSO to business users who would like a better look at what is going on in the scene as well as out of the scene, as this can provide you with the best overall picture of performance. Also, the interface is integrated with a desktop launcher, as if the other features weren’t enough, so user experiences are much simpler and preferable. You can sign in to platforms with a single click and get complete control of data to ensure security. I suggest that you look into this program as a means for making your business experience light and a lossless of a hassle.

Integrated interface which includes single one-click sign in as well as a desktop launcher

  • Single sign-in to each of your sites
  • Integrated desktop launcher
  • Understanding of background business applications and their usage
  • Role Management
  • Simple and elegant interface
Hypersocket SSO for Windows, offers single sign on so that the user can focus on productivity instead of remembering or looking up multiple passwords for multiple sites. If its simplicity you are looking for Hypersocket is the software that has a secure and seamless access to all the company’s on premise and cloud based web-apps. Some of the key features are access with one click login, simply share access to apps with multiple users, a familiar browser, and ensures the right users have access to the right apps.
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