by Srivats P.

A versatile traffic generator used by engineers to analyze network traffic

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Srivats P.

Antivirus check: passed

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Do you want to test the performance of your network devices, protocols, or topologies? Ostinato offers a friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) to analyze unexpected behavior, network problems, or outage issues. It is a cross-platform tool that allows network engineers to create complex traffic scenarios and craft packets with various protocols. You can verify your network behavior or configure any fields of the selected protocol for any connected network.

Ostinato offers a Python API to automate network tasks. Using its interface, you can create traffic streams and get detailed info regarding a variety of ports and network packets. It is well-designed with dynamic graphical representations and covers a range of functionalities, making it the popular traffic generator software. The best thing is it supports the most common standard protocols and can modify any field by changing IP/MAC addresses. Thus, you can add new protocols, capture packets using Wireshark, and view them.


  • A popular tool used to analyze or generate network traffic with the possibility to control streams.
  • It offers an intuitive graphical interface to validate configurations like QoS, load balancing, and SD-WAN policies across labs.
  • You can generate a stream of network packets, configure any fields of the protocol, and transmit the streams over other connected networks.
  • It has multiple use cases and allows functional testing of network devices, circuits, and networks. You can also create customized test topologies.
  • It supports the most common standard protocols, including Ethernet, VLAN, TCP, unicast, or any text-based protocol such as HTTP, SIP, RTSP, NNTP, etc.
  • The software features a visual design and requires no installation, so you can keep it on any removable storage device and analyze data.

Ostinato is intelligently designed so an average user can also access it and test the performance of a network packet. It specifies protocols to match your requirements and can create multiple streams simultaneously. What’s best? It offers multi-user support, so a single client can easily configure multiple ports on multiple computers and add new protocols.

Ostinato focuses on monitoring and displaying incoming or outgoing network packets so network operation teams can test or troubleshoot issues.
Operating System: Windows, MacOS, or Linux
Minimum 1 GB of RAM
Network Interface Card (NIC) support
Minimum 500 MB of free disk space

Offers a wide range of packet protocols support.
Capable of generating traffic at different speeds.
Provides real-time statistics on key metrics.

Limited technical support for open-source version.
The interface may seem outdated to some.
No predefined templates for traffic generation.
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