Bandwidth Calculator

by Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology ...

A flexible tool to calculate the data transfer speed or download/upload time.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology ...

Release : Bandwidth Calculator 0.3

Antivirus check: passed

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When it comes to determining the speed of an internet connection, the most precise way is to calculate its bandwidth. The term bandwidth indicates the volume of information sent from one network to another in a given amount of time. It is usually expressed in units of megabits per second or Mbps. The Bandwidth Calculator allows you to find the time needed to transfer a file from one connection to another.

It is a flexible software used to compute various calculations such as determining download upload time, data size or transfer speed. All you have to do is enter two values in its user-friendly interface, and this super-efficient calculator will handle the rest of the tasks. Using its advanced features, the program will provide you with the download time of any given file, depending on your internet connection.


  • A free and simple calculator to find out the bandwidth or transfer speed of any given file.
  • It calculates the download upload time so you can know how long it takes to transfer a file or download a specific document.
  • You can easily calculate the amount of bandwidth a website uses or different units of data sizes. This way, you can get an estimate of how much time is required to send a particular file on a website.
  • It estimates the actual data usage by computing the time taken by a transmission channel.
  • You can measure the internet speed needed for streaming, gaming or using other devices such as surveillance cameras.
  • It works on all operating systems, including the latest Windows versions of 10 and 11.

Using the Bandwidth Calculator, users can now quickly assess the transfer speed of each application by following just two basic steps. Enter the values such as file size and download speed to see the time taken by a file. The download time calculator displays the time in terms of seconds, minutes or hours. Install it now on your computer to evaluate your bandwidth requirements.

Bandwidth Calculator measures the maximum time required to download or send a given file based on your internet connection.
Operating system: Windows, MacOS, or Linux
Minimum RAM: 1 GB
Free Disk Space: 100 MB
Stable internet connection

Provides accurate and reliable bandwidth estimates.
User-friendly and intuitive interface.
Generates detailed, easily-understood reports.

Limited to pre-defined variables for bandwidth calculation.
Does not predict potential network traffic issues.
No real-time bandwidth monitoring feature present.
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