iLok License Manager

by PACE Anti-Piracy, Inc.

The software programme is installed on the user's PC, and it communicates with the PACE database through our activation services.You may manage your iLok-enabled software licences and activation sites with the iLok License Manager programme.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PACE Anti-Piracy, Inc.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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iLok License Manager is a software management tool that end-user companies or independent software providers use to regulate where and how software products can be utilized. Software license managers help end-user organizations adhere to software license agreements while shielding software producers from financial harm brought on by software piracy. Software suppliers can supply users with the same software package using a variety of usage-centric software licensing models, including product activation, trial licenses, subscription licenses, feature-based licenses, and floating licensing, thanks to license managers.

A software asset management solution, used by end-user businesses to manage the software they have licensed from numerous software vendors, is different from a license manager. Some software asset management programs do, however, provide license manager features. These typically contain device detection, software inventory, license compliance, and reporting features and are used to reconcile software licenses and installed software.

A further advantage of these software management tools is that they lessen the effort, expense, and time needed for reporting. They can also boost operational transparency to lower the risk of Sarbanes-Oxley Act-related litigation costs connected with software misuse. Since most vendors do not provide enough data on license usage, license management solutions offered by non-vendor organizations are more valuable to end users. While non-vendor license management systems are created for end-users to maximize the usage of their licenses, vendor licensing managers only provide limited information.

The majority of license managers are capable of handling a variety of software licensing types, including license dongles or license USB keys, floating licenses, network licenses, concurrent licenses, etc.

You may manage your iLok-enabled software licences and activation sites with the iLok License Manager programme.

  • iLoks can be used to store up to 1,500 software and plugin authorizations.
  • Enhanced security is provided by the sturdy aluminum housing and extremely strong locking loop.
  • Save room with the new, slimmer form, which is only 1.5 x.5 inches (3.8 x 1.3 cm)
  • Using iLok License Manager, adding and transferring licenses is as easy as dragging and dropping.
  • Software authorizations can be easily transferred across computers.
  • Check to see if your iLok is linked by looking for the blue indicator light that is on.
  • Never be required to reauthorize software because of updates to hardware or software or crashes.
  • Receive all iLok 2-compatible applications with backward compatibility.
  • To utilize iLok License Manager, a computer running Mac OS X 10.7 or Windows 7 or above is required.
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