Intel Management Engine Interface

by Toshiba Corporation

A microcontroller software, proving handy utility to all Intel chipset users

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Toshiba Corporation

Release : Intel Management Engine Interface 2216

Antivirus check: passed

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Intel Management Engine Interface (IMEI) makes a great toolset for all Intel users, upgrading the overall capabilities of the device, and all that it has to do with the Intel processor-based systems. There are many great things about this piece of software, consisting primarily of providing all the right tools in a configurational and rather comprehensible manner. The control over the interface of the system, and other items, of course, can come as a worthy support tool for all the developers/everyday users who wish to upgrade their system-based OS.

The program also speeds up some processes, due to the way it sets up the data from the system's flash memory. The features also include proper on-chip cache memory management, for better use of resources and faster loading time. All of this also means the software can be run even before the main systems are up, as well as having control over secured areas of the computer's memory, data, and more. 


IMEI is a handy utility software, focusing on delivering a great amount of features and services for all the Intel chipset users
  • Protected data, built-in anti-theft security systems, and other safety measures 
  • Low-battery and low-power usage due to wise energy management built into the drivers
  • Numerous features come with the pack, as well as several additional tweaks done to improve the stability and running efficiency
  • Communication and synergies with IT management console, sending diverse system orders to optimize the program's usefulness and utility potential
  • Many other small details, all coming together fantastically, creating (and upgrading the existing) PC ecosystem with OS capacity greater than ever!

Overall, IMEI is an irreplaceable choice of software, providing to each their own. It upgrades the existing features of the Intel chipset-based systems, as well as adding new ones, bringing the processor potency levels to the maximum. This program can serve as a foundation of your OS cooperation with the chipset, allowing for greater utility level and more. It also doesn't consume any wasteful amount of energy, making this software both consumer-friendly and economically beneficial.

1. Computer with an Intel chipset
2. Technical knowledge for driver installation
3. Operating system independent

Enhances power management for optimal computer performance.
Regulates computer's temperature to prevent overheating.
Executes essential security tasks independently.

Can be difficult to install without technical knowledge.
Potential vulnerability for unauthorized system control.
May cause performance issues if not updated.
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