Internet Lock

by TopLang Software

Internet Lock is the access control and password protection solution for your internet connections and programs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: TopLang Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Internet Lock - a multifunctional application that allows you to create special rules that comprehensively control the access of each individual program to the Internet. You can easily create a list of available IP addresses and domains, as well as specify which users can use the Internet connection. Also, if necessary, a password can be set for each controlled program, which completely excludes the possibility of access to the network by third parties. While working, the utility displays the whole list of controlled programs that can be blocked at any time. Also, there is a function of resetting the entered passwords, after which they will have to be entered again.

Tangent interface of the program is worth noting that it has a nice design and will not cause difficulties even when used for the first time. Besides, when working in the background, the utility practically does not load the processor and RAM, which will be especially pleasant for users of low-power machines.

- a nicely designed graphical interface;

- the ability to create rules for each individual application;

- Set a password for each application;

- full control of IP addresses, domains, ports;

- undemanding system resources;

- Reset passwords function that requires you to enter them again.

this a very nice graphical interface application which allows the users to create their own rules and reset passwords for controlled programmers. users have the ability to set their own IP addresses , domains and ports. since it does not load to the processor it doe not make the machines slow and can be used in lower end computers.
I think this is a great idea for everyone, so many people use the internet these days that this product could be marketed to anyone. Staying safe and keeping your info secure online is something that anyone can benefit from and should take seriously. This product greatly helps individuals to utilize that safety net while browsing the internet.
Internet Lock is software that uses a password security and permission management tool for your internet connections and apps. With Internet Lock, you have complete control over your device's internet access and apps. You may limit or password secure internet connectivity, manage internet connectivity, secure websites and applications on specific IP addresses or sites, prohibit users to to the sites you choose, or prevent them from visiting undesirable webpages by utilizing Internet Lock. Internet Lock can be used to safeguard online software and communications using a password. In order to utilize the secured applications and to connect to the internet, visitors must submit the correct password. When a password-protected software tries to access the internet, Internet Lock prompts the user for a password.
Internet Lock is a multipurpose tool that allows you to establish custom rules that restrict access to the Internet for each particular software. You may quickly build a list of available IP addresses and domains, as well as designate which users have access to the Internet. A password can also be specified for each regulated software, if necessary, to entirely eliminate the potential of third-party access to the network. The tool displays the entire list of controlled programs that can be blocked at any time while it is in use. There is also the option of resetting the passwords, which will requires them to be typed again. I had no issues installing or understanding how the software works. It's user friendly and has highly intuitive design.
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