Internet Spider

by Tensons

Downloads entire websites and files in just minutes!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tensons

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Internet Spider is a great way for you to archive an entire website so you can view it and its data while you're offline. Using this makes sure that you won't miss a website if it ever goes down for any reason.

If you enjoy playing games online this is a great program to use since it will let you download that game and play it on your local system. This way you don't have to rely on a poor internet connection or worry about any random disconnections. To download it all you have to do is enter the URL into Internet Spider and click download. Internet Spider will take care of the rest for you! It takes just a minute or two for you to set it up and then you'll have hours of fun.

Internet Spider works on things other than games. It will also download videos or audio files from a website. It's great to use on a website that contains a large number of different files. Instead of having to copy the URL for each one individually you just enter the website's URL and it will find each of them for you. If you want to organize it a bit more you can select different directories for each file to be saved.

Internet Spider can also dig a bit deeper for example if there's a directory online but you're not sure of all of the files in it Internet Spider will search it for you and tell you everything that's available. It just takes Internet Spider seconds to do something that would take most users a significant amount of time to do manually.

Overall Internet Spider is a very efficient and simple to use tool for a more advanced Internet user. It lets the user customize their internet experience and save things they find interesting to their local computer quickly and easily. You won't have to spend time trying to find a website again rather you'll have everything saved on your computer. It's also great that you won't have to rely on the website staying up forever or a connection that can drop!

Searches the entire page to download everything available
Internet Spider for Windows is an easy to use tool created to extracted certain types of files from websites. This tool allows users to easily download files such as photos, videos, music, web pages, and a myriad of other files quickly and easily. It can also launch an extensive amount of retrieval threads, can create site mirrors, and is highly customizable.
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