Iolo DriveScrubber

by iolo technologies

A program which wipes drives and formats

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: iolo technologies

Release: Iolo DriveScrubber 2019

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This Windows program is ideal for users looking for a utility and reliable tool for privacy protection. Iolo DriveScrubber offers several extra features that come with it, along with excellent base functionality. Iolo DriveScrubber also provides a lot in terms of having features that other products do not lack. This makes it easy to use and works better than other alternatives. It offers the feature of getting rid of sensitive user data from devices permanently without hassle. It also gets rid of deleted data, which can remain on the drive and be recovered. It maintains user privacy to the best extent. It also can format and wipe entire drives and external drives. It clears drives to bring them back to a condition of their original condition and position.

It works with several PCs and up to 3. It also is very easy to use, comes with a simple interface that is easy to navigate. This program does lack some technical support functions, but luckily it is very intuitive and easy to figure out.

I would highly recommend this to all users who would like a reliable and easy way to wipe drives and devices, or also to get rid of sensitive information which could be valuable permanently. This program works as well or better than alternatives, also in the fact that it works with external drives along with your own drive. It has different operations included in its function, including wiping, formatting and deleting files. I would highly recommend this program as a utility that is optimal for users looking to preserve their file security and safety. Check this out and keep it as a measure against lingering user information, which may be sensitive. I guarantee that you will love this program.

Works with drives, including external, and rids sensitive user information from the device

  • Rids user sensitive data
  • Formatting function
  • Works with several devices
  • Preserves user file security and privacy
  • Wipes external drives
If you're looking for a way to scrub your drive permanently then check out Iolo DriveScrubber for Windows. This program ensures that your data is erased with such thoroughness that there will never be a chance of recovery. In fact, you can even restore the drives on your devices to factory-like settings even if they've been damaged by some kind of virus or spyware. This tool is so thorough that it was made to comply with even the strictest of government and military policies regarding data deletion.
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