Iolo Phoenix 360

by iolo technologies

A privacy optimization software that protects your computer system and data

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: iolo technologies

Release: Iolo Phoenix 360 2018

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Iolo Phoenix360 is an incredible software that protects your computer from intellectual property and data theft, among other things. The software ensures there is no breach of privacy, which is currently a significant issue with electronic devices.

Most of the time, we get messages and notifications of adverts that are more similar to a product we had previously searched or bought. This is because of ad thefts by ad trackers, which clearly indicates our data is not protected. If the data of our browser history is not protected, then ad trackers probably have more access to very private information that we think is safe in our computers like private videos and even chats with private persons. If we are to protect our privacy, the Iolo Phoenix is quite the software we need to curb this malpractice. Iolo Phoenix 360 for windows will ensure our data is safe and only available to the user, as it should be.

Iolo Phoenix 360 for windows also acts as a system mechanic by repairing and removing bloatware.

The package also includes a malware killer known as Iolo malware killer that performs an analysis of your computer system. It searches and destroys malware on your computer. It also identifies suspicious changes to your browser settings.

Iolo Phoenix 360 for windows costs approximately 60 dollars and is useful for keeping your device maintained, fast, and reliable. The four packages of Iola bypass, Iola malware killer,  privacy guardian, and system mechanic are the great components you need to enjoy free online usage of your computer. They are all installed individually, with a common registration key to activate each component. They are all compatible with chrome and firefox

The most fantastic feature is that you can see how many accounts you are currently logged in to, and you can also easily log them out if they are still logged in other devices.

I highly recommend this software as it seems to work incredibly well to protect our privacy.]

Protects your password and prevents your data from being collected

  • Clears your data from being found and used by others on your browsers
  • Stops ad trackers from collecting your data and targeting you
  • Protects your data and ensures it remains only to you
  • Destroys any malware on your computer
  • Keeps your computer in good condition

Even the software itself, Iola Phoenix 360 does not know your password to it. That makes it the best.

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