System Mechanic Free

by Iolo Technologies

Speed up your computer and get it back to how it was when your first got it

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Iolo Technologies

Release: System Mechanic Free

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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If you own a computer, you've probably experienced it: it was fast when you first got it, but as time has gone on, it has slowed to a crawl. And you probably don't have the know-how or the time in your busy schedule to fix the problem yourself. Well, no worries, because this simple and free program will do the heavy lifting for you.


  • Have things gotten so bad that your internet connection, the vital connection between your computer and the world wide web, has been compromised? Have no fear. If you can manage to get this program installed, it will help you to get back online once more. If you have it installed beforehand, that is of course optimal.
  • Optimize your RAM usage- are programs running and eating up your memory? Well, this program has your back. Reclaim your precious memory so that your computer can run as buttery smooth as possible.
  • Clean up unwanted junk. Everyone's computer has this problem: Worthless files and programs seem to accumulate without your consent. Well, this program can help with that too. It will find useless files and other miscellaneous sources of wasted space.
  • Is your desktop cluttered with pointless shortcuts that seem to be pointing nowhere? This program can even help with that. The automatic tool will find shortcuts that you are no longer using and make it so that your desktop can truly be yours again.
  • Is your hard drive slowing down too? There is a process known as defragmentation that can help repair this issue. And you may have guessed it, but this useful program does that too.

If your computer has been getting on your nerves, this program just might be what you've been looking for. It's free and easy to use, and it's practically guaranteed to restore your computer experience to how it was on day one.

Not a computer expert? No problem. This program does the heavy lifting for you.
  • Requires at least one gigabyte of RAM
  • At least 140 MB of hard drive space in order to install the program
  • Operating system: Windows XP or higher
  • Active internet connection


System Mechanic honestly looks like a solid software solution for any computer, I like how it has a feature that can boost the speed of the pc this is ideal for someone like me considering my pc often becomes slow! the software. I also enjoy the fact that you don't need a powerful pc to use as it needs half a gig of ram! It is definitely a good software solution for those with a lot of useless files as it can clean out the "clutter" in your pc!
I really love System Mechanic. I have a really really old computer that could not even run Minecraft which I was sad about because I wanted to play with my friends and even bought the game thinking at least my old computer could run that. I searched the web to see if I could speed up my computer when I found System Mechanic. I was a little suspicious that it would not work but to my surprise it did. Turns out I had a bunch of broken files and bloatware which System Mechanic easily removed and now my computer can run Minecraft and many other games too despite its old age. Definitely recommend! :)
When you take your car in for a service, the mechanic returns it and it runs better. Well, that is what System Mechanic for Windows does for your computer with one big difference. It is free! It cleans out all the junk files and defragments the drive memory. I think of that as an oil change for a car. It also tunes up the registry, start-up, and internet. It is little wonder that it has won a few awards.
System Mechanic Free for Windows skillfully optimizes your PC's performance and protects it from viruses at the same time- all for free! System Mechanic Free for Windows is also known for its routine scans which can help detect (and fix!) problems with your PC before you even know they are there. Your memory and registry will be protected as well with this wonderful piece of software that is bound to help any PC as much as it helped mine!
System Mechanic Free is made specifically for optimizing your computer's performance and protecting you from viruses. It offers performance scans, memory and Registry clean-ups, and other boosts. It's a one thing all by itself in its own category! I absolutely love it and you can see from my short description of it that it is an amazing product! Check it out. You won't be disappointed!
System Mechanic is a great tool to protect you when browsing online. We've all clicked on a link we shouldn't or accidentally downloaded malware at some point. System Mechanic is a layer of protection for those incidents. With great features like securing your online passwords as well as providing a measure of safety with using your credit card, you can be confident that your transactions are secure. Hackers and malware developers are innovative and constantly developing new ways to gather your information, but System Mechanic works to protect you, constantly staying on top of new viruses and malware programs.
System Mechanic Free should be tested by many users. It has a bevy of tools that can repair the computer. Windows OS will run the program without any kind of problem. Make good use out of the tools when the program installs. The installation phase is easy to manage for the new users. They will note that the program is free to try. That should encourage more people to give it a chance.
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