iPhone Password Manager

by Aiseesoft Studio Japan

Securely manage, export and restore various passwords and account details on your iOS device

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Aiseesoft Studio Japan

Release : iPhone Password Manager 1.0.10

Antivirus check: passed

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The iPhone Password Manager software is an essential tool for all iPhone users. It helps manage and secure all your passwords on your iOS device. Instead of burdening your memory with numerous passwords, you can securely store them all in this password manager. Moreover, it gives you the flexibility to export accounts and passwords based on your preferences.

After scanning your iOS keychain, iPhone Password Manager allows you to choose the password information you want and export it to a CSV file. You can keep this file as a backup should you ever need to modify or share your passwords. It truly is a vital tool for effectively handling all your login information on your iPhone.

  • Password Information Export: You can export your passwords and account information to a CSV file for safekeeping.
  • Password Restoration: If you ever lose your login information, you can easily restore it with this software.
  • Widespread Compatibility: It supports passwords from your Apple ID, iCloud keychain, screen time, credit card information, Wi-Fi accounts, email accounts, Google passwords, apps, and more.
  • Security: With its high-level encryption, all your passwords are stored securely.

The iPhone Password Manager can scan and find important passwords saved on your iPhone/iPad. This saves you from the hassle of logging into your email, Wi-Fi, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon accounts, and more repeatedly. With the iPhone Password Manager, you don't have to repeatedly enter these accounts and passwords over and over again.

The iPhone Password Manager simplifies and secures password management while offering easy restoration and export options.

In brief, the iPhone Password Manager software is an essential tool for anyone using an iPhone. It provides an efficient solution for managing, securing, and restoring all your passwords in one place.

Compatible with iOS devices
High-level encryption for secure password storage
Ability to export passwords and account information to a CSV file
Supports various accounts including Apple ID, iCloud keychain, screen time, and more

High-level encryption ensures secure password storage.
Allows password information export for easy backups.
Supports widespread compatibility across numerous accounts.

Dependent on iOS platform, may not be compatible with other systems.
No built-in password generator feature for strong, random passwords.
Doesn't use multi-factor authentication for extra security layer.