JahShaka Studio

by JahShaka

Allows for creation of virtual assets

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: JahShaka

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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JahShaka is an open source video editor for non-linear editing distributed under the GPL license, i.e. free of charge. The program features basic tools for editing, editing, adding effects, color correction and basic work with three-dimensional graphics, 2D and 3D animation and compositing. Thanks to the use of OpenML and OpenGL technologies, it is possible to apply effects and see the results of their work in real time. The interface of the program can be very flexibly adjusted to any needs of the user. And the network module allows several developers to work on one project.

On the author's website you can find a large number of video tutorials on working with the program. Unfortunately, as it usually happens with free software, there are some errors in this version of the program. In 2011, the developer announced a more ambitious project JahShaka 3.0 - an updated and improved editor with a completely changed modern interface and the ability to work with audio files and audio editing, as well as fixed bugs of the previous version. But as of spring 2016, the new version was not released.

- multimedia desktop with anhanced ui support;

- you'll be able to edit effects very quickly;

- creates effects in real time;

- includes an unlimited amount of animation;

- Coloring and video design;

- you will be able to create music with all the instruments designed for professionals;

- work in any format and in any resolution;

- a powerful non-linear editor (for linux only);

- Fully updated animation with 2D and 3D gpu effects in real time;

- Fully updated composite imaging modules;

- support for 3D models;

- built-in gpu-modulator;

- an updatable color gpu-corrector;

- network view of the asset;

- the color of the video;

- files designed in XML;

- private transfer of files over the Internet;

- rpm lsb installers;

- a completely new, friendly code page architecture;

- uses 'openlibraries' Visual Media as a supplement to all 3d, gpu, editor programs, audio formats and media files.

I recommend Jahshaka Studio for Windows to everyone. It helps create great projects for business, schools, and etc. It has pre-built features to make creating projects easier. It operates on Windows, OsX and Linux. You will be able to use JahShaka Studio on your laptop or mobile phone. The best up to date technology worth spending your money on in 2021.
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