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A non-linear multi-track digital audio editor

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: launchpad

Release: Jokosher 0.11.2

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Audio creation does not need to be complex and intimidating, especially in today’s modern world with the technology available. With that in mind, the creators of Jokosher have re-thought audio production with ease-of-use and simplicity in mind.


The software includes an array of instruments including, acoustic guitar, bass drum, bass guitar, cello, cymbal, drum kit, trumpet, violin, and saxophone. Users can add a multiple of these to one track and even rename them to their specifications.

Designed with usability in mind, this software is a complete solution for recording, editing, mixing and exporting audio


In each project, there are a vast array of options to customize including the sample rate and the recording format. The editing options consist of undoing and redoing actions, play/stop recordings, copy/paste/delete/cut data, and split/trim/move audio streams. Audio can be imported into the projects from a wide selection of formats; this audio can they be manipulated by the options stated above. To help dial in on the details of a recording, each instrument can be muted/soloed accordingly.


Users have access to other features such as switching between detailed and basic interfaces, adjust audio using volume faders and balance knobs, setting the BPM (Beats Per Minute), and raising/lowering the master volume. The language and concepts used within the software will be familiar to musicians and novices will learn the lingo the more they get involved.



  • Multi-track volume mixing with VU sliders
  • Tools for splitting, trimming, and moving, when editing
  • Built-in browse function
  • Supports OGG, MP3, FLAC, WAV, and other file types
  • Simple interface and a clean layout
  • Intuitive design makes it great for beginners


Ultimately it is the simplicity in design and use that marks Jokosher out in the world of audio processors. The package includes a handy set of audio manipulation tools and houses them in an intuitive workspace that provides a powerful platform for a movie up to an expert.

Requires the latest version of STreamer and Gnonlin installed.

Derek Parker
The simplicity of audio creation used for this product will be revolutionary for the audio editing world. The design allows this software to be used readily and easily for beginners. The interface and the additions of the software is going to change the audio editing industry.
Jokiosher for Windows will greatly help people who rely on audio creation for their business or livelihood to survive and provide for their families. This program makes significant headway into the audio creation segment by providing and array of sounds available to use. It is also easy program to use.
This software program is ideal as a whole studio platform on your Windows laptop or PC. It can be used to record music, podcasts, take video and more. It has a highly advanced integrated layout, and serves a variety of functions, all while being so user friendly! Keep it simple and powerful with this program.
Think of Jokosher as a multi-track studio. If you love music, you should definitely consider looking into Jokosher as a one-stop-shop for your music needs. It will let you make your own music and record it. You can even record your own podcasts. I love that it's an integrated tool so you can mix songs, edit your audio, and cut and change your music in the easiest way possible.
Murray Ta
Jokosher is a free software, non-linear multi-track digital audio editor, which is released under the GNU GPL. It is being developed in Python, using the GTK+ interface and GStreamer as an audio back-end, initially just for the Linux operating system but now also with support for Windows
Overall this product has great potential! 4/5 Stars. If you need intuitive and efficient audio editing software that has a small footprint you want to download Jokosher. This software and I have a close relationship already when I ran into a small bug immediately after I tried to change my instruments, part user error :\ part glitch. I still have it installed to this day and plan to use it to adjust soundbites that I need in all of my strange ideas for the intraweb. Try it today, you will find it grows on you.
One of the best digital audio editors that i've encountered. Really great that it's free. I particularly like it's a simple-to-use interface - I can add instruments with ease and mixing files can be done pretty quickly. It's a little old now, but it still holds up against some of the paid-for alternatives. Overall, i'd recommend highly to any beginner like myself.
A great video editor for both beginners and professionals. I use it every day. It imports audio smoothly and gives me complete control of my videos. I am very happy with the results. Thank you.
One of the original free audio editing software, Jokosher for Windows, is still a free great audio editing software that anyone who is thinking about downloading Audacity, should think about Jokosher instead. Joshosher is an easy to use audio editing software with an incredibly easy User Interface to edit a variety of sounds/tracks and a plethora of free sounds that really differentiates it from it's competitors.
This free app is perfect for anyone who likes to produce or mix music. It helps you work on audio files to make the perfect song or beat. You can use many tools to make the perfect song or podcast. You can separate vocals, instruments and more with this app. This app allows you to work on multitrack that are non-linear. This is a great app for all kinds of music lovers.
Jokosher For Windows. Utilize the installer bundle to introduce Jokosher on Windows. The download for windows is much bigger since it contains all the desired conditions counting GStreamer and numerous common sound codecs. Jokosher 0.11.4 Windows Installer, 20.9MB. Running the Most recent Jokosher Without Introducing. Jokosher’s 0.11.2 discharge will include a straightforward to introduce Windows package, in any case I’m making a discharge candidate accessible presently within the trusts that any major bugs can be found some time recently the most open discharge. Jokosher is depicted as 'simple and effective multi-track studio' and is an app within the Sound & Music category. There are more than 10 options to Jokosher for a assortment of stages, counting Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Linux. The foremost preferred elective is GarageBand, which is free. Other awesome apps like Jokosher are WaveShop (Free, Open Source), MAGIX Music Producer Stick (Freemium). Jokosher ventures are put away in a registry with the same title as the venture.
I really like using Jokoher because it is a multi-track studio which is very helpful. So if I want I can create and record music. Record a podcast if I have one as well. It is all in one software and I can stay organized that way as well.
One huge thing i like about this is that it’s FREE! Keep in mind it’s only good for windows or Linux. It’s extremely helpful in editing any digital audio tracks. Whether its music or podcasts you’re recording the features on this are ideal for editing and producing high quality work.
Music is my life. Music is life. Jokosher for Windows lets me live the life that I want which is creating music all day and night long. It is a simple, multiple track studio. I use it to record music and podcasts. I use it every day. It's part of my daily routine. I wake up, make coffee, and get on my computer to use Jokosher. It brings me so much happiness.
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