Junkware Removal Tool

by Malwarebytes

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Malwarebytes

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.93078

Junkware Removal Tool is an application that runs in the Windows console. The program is designed to scan your computer and then remove the toolbars, advertising and other unwanted modules that you accidentally install along with the necessary software. It should be noted that the application does not require full installation, as it is launched from the console. The user can save the program in any folder on the hard drive partition, as well as on flash drives and other removable media. This feature allows you to run Junkware Removal Tool at any time on any computer. The advantage of the application is that it does not leave any registry entries or files on the hard disk after deleting it.

Before you start, the program will notify you that all web browsers and the Windows Explorer process will be closed. The Erunt tool is used to create registry backups. The program itself checks the autorun folder, system services, processes and add-ons for web browsers. When the scan is complete, it generates a plain text document with log entries and saves it on the desktop. The file contains useful information - operating system version, date and time of scanning start and end, as well as information about scanned files. In the course of work, a small amount of system resources is used, thus achieving high speed of the program and absence of operating system hang-ups. The scanning and removal process is fully automated and does not require user intervention. This makes Junkware Removal Tool ideal for use by inexperienced users. The program detects and removes many types of applications and toolbars. AskToolbar, Conduit, IncrediBar, WebAssistant, CrossRider, Babylon - this is not a complete list of modules included in the Junkware Removal Tool database.

- works from the Windows command line;

- consumes a small amount of system resources;

- does not require installation and can be started from removable media;

- generates a detailed log file on completion of work;

- removes almost all known advertising modules and toolbars installed in the system by mistake.

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