KeroSoft PhotoCreations Fantasy

by kerosoft

An easy to use image editor for any skill level

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: kerosoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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KeroSoft PhotoCreations is a fun and simple to use program that lets you do some amazing photo editing work on your computer without any special skills, training, or spending excessive amounts of time on it.

I've always had an issue with people's eyes showing up as red in my pictures. But this program solves that for me right away! It has a red-eye filter so all I have to do is click one button and everyone's eyes go back to normal. Additionally, it'll even clean up people's skin and make them look more photogenic. So no matter who sort of picture you start with everybody in it will soon look like a supermodel and all you have to do is press a few buttons!

KeroSoft PhotoCreations can add your images into custom templates such as Mt. Rushmore or a movie poster. If you've ever wanted to pretend to be somewhere famous or doing something amazing this is the program for you! It'll easily let you export the pictures so you can post them on a website or email them to your friends. Thousands of templates come automatically with the program and you can import your own for more options.

Another amazing feature of KeroSoft PhotoCreations is the morpher technology. This allows you to swap out people's faces and convert them into someone else. So you can turn yourself into the president or make your wife into a movie star. This is another great way to live out a fantasy life and make yourself feel powerful and impressive.

All of these features can be done in minutes just by clicking a few buttons. You don't need any sort of fancy equipment or to spend a long time editing the images. This program is definitely worth checking out and will allow you to impress everyone in your social circle by showing them what a great photographer and image editor you are while only you will know how easy it really was.

Create fancy professional images quickly and easily
Kerosoft photocreations is a good application for windows and windows mobile. Now a days most of the people taking photos and uploading photos to their social media accounts for example(instagram, facebook etc). So Kerosoft photocreations is the best application to edit such as image adjustment, auto red eye removal, auto enhancement, face beautification and special effects. Moreover it required very less storage for install this app. This application availble in English, Korean and Chinese language and very easy to download and install.
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