by Entensys Corporation

Provides learning games for windows processing

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Entensys Corporation

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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KinderGate is a program that allows caring parents to track the sites their child has visited, as well as to automatically block access to resources containing non-child-friendly content. The developers have added the ability to display diagrams and charts that reflect the resources of which categories are most in demand in your child, as well as manual locking of individual addresses. The filtering module built into the program includes a database of resources with undesirable content. At the moment the base counts over half a billion of such Internet resources and is constantly updated in automatic mode.

In order to prevent the child from accessing the program interface, a master password must be entered before the program can be used. It is also required if you decide to remove KinderGat from your computer.

- you can set a ban on visits to a particular site;

- automatically blocks online dating services;

- adds a restriction on the use of clients for communication;

- will allow you to track the statistics of the resources visited;

- has an advanced user interface.

The internet is a scary place, especially for kids. With so many people and websites that are inappropriate or frightening for a child, what's a parent to do? Get KinderGate for Windows, that's what! KinderGate works as an excellent web filter, to protect your child from the dark side of the internet! Block anything age-inappropriate and keep your kids safe, happy, and protected online! But it's not just a web filter - it also tracks where they're going online so that you can keep up with their internet activity! And don't worry about your kids disabling KinderGate on their own. The program is password protected, and as long as they don't know the password, they're safely unable to override the program. So if you want to protect your kids (and who doesn't?), get KinderGate today and breath a sigh of relief that your children can browse the internet safely.
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