Kindle Comic Creator

by Amazon

A tool that allows users to turn their comics, mangas, and graphic novels into Kindle books.

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Publisher: Amazon

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The Kindle Comic Creator allows authors and illustrators to save time and focus on their passion, storytelling and art, by simplifying the process of digital publication. 

To turn your digital comics, manga, or graphic novels into Kindle books, create and design your art in your preferred program, as you normally would. Then, upload this work, or existing work, into Kindle Comic Creator. After uploading your artwork, use Kindle Comic Creator to autodetect your panels and establish a visual guide for your readers. After this, arrange the magnified panels in your selected order to tell your story and ultimately create a guided navigational experience for readers. 

As you're arranging your panels, Kindle Comic Creator aids in the process by recommending Kindle Panel View placement, while also helping you create a double-page spread and right-to-left page-turning. Prior to publishing your new Kindle comic book, you're able to seamlessly preview your work to ensure proper placement and layout of your artwork. If you're not satisfied, go back and edit your placement prior to publishing, and add or remove artwork if necessary. If everything looks correct during the preview, go ahead and publish your new Kindle comic book to millions of Amazon customers.

Not only is the Kindle Comic Creator an extraordinary tool itself, but by publishing your book directly to millions of Amazon customers, you have tapped into a huge potential audience! Many individuals are turning to various forms of e-reading, including those looking for comics and manga. With your work now published on this platform, you're able to grow as an author and an illustrator!

Publishes your new Kindle comic book to millions to Amazon customers.

  • Supports uploads from jpg., tiff, png, and ppm formats
  • Automatically detects panels of artwork for magnification
  • Edit panel placement as desired 
  • Edit covert art of your book
  • Build and preview your book before publication 
  • Compatible with Windows 7 (or later) and Intel Mac (OSX 10.9 or later)
I saw a few benefits in it such as it easily apply for art work and create the novels respective to the authors. I used to to create my own novel once but that is the last time I used it. It will be very useful for authors and people who loves to create novels.
Thomas B.
Kindle Comic Creator is a free, downloadable software designed to help authors, artists, and publishers create comics, graphic novels, and manga for Kindle and print on demand. It offers tools for creating and formatting Kindle books, including templates, a panel-by-panel viewer, and a text editor. It also provides built-in tools for cropping and resizing artwork, adding text bubbles and captions, and generating crisp, print-ready PDF files.
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