Kingston Format Utility

by Kingston Technology Europe Co LLP

Freeware for PC or laptop that is licensed and easy to use

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Kingston Technology Europe Co LLP

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Kingston Format Utility is a proprietary utility designed for formatting Kingston USB-drives. Generally speaking, the program was released specifically for HyperX DTHX30/XXGB series flash drives, but still supports any other drives from this manufacturer. Compared to standard Windows formatting tools, this program demonstrates a much higher speed of operation. It does not have any other significant advantages.

The Kingston Format Utility can convert the media file system to FAT32 and NTFS. Both of these file systems have their advantages and disadvantages. We are not going to go into them now, but only note that FAT32 is better suited for storing small files, and NTFS - large. Moreover, FAT32 drives have a limitation that prevents them from writing files larger than 4 GB, which should be taken into account when selecting a file system before starting the formatting process.

All the necessary controls of the utility are concentrated in one small window, where you can choose the necessary media (if there are several of them connected) and specify the original file system. Formatting will start immediately after you press the Format key. The program works with media of any size and does not need to be installed. The only thing you need to do before starting it is to unpack the downloaded archive.

- Fast formatting of USB drives by Kingston manufacturer;

- support for NTFS and FAT32 file systems;

- working in a portable mode;

- minimum of controls in the main application window;

- faster than the standard Windows formatting tool.

Kingston Format Utility are good for formatting usb drives but its not perfect.The good about it are the ability to convert FAT32 and NTFS. One good thing is you dont need to installed anything to use this tools and you can use it what ever the size of the media and its in portable use .You just need to unpacked it then its ready to use. The capability to format the drive faster than any other formatting tools are the most thing that makes this tools ahead from other tools.
Kingston Format Utility is something that can be used to format Kingston USB Drives. This program can convert any media file into FAT32 and NTFS, both of which have their own pros and cons. This program works with media of any size and it doesn't have to be installed. All you need to do is download the archive.
This is a great product for working with all types of USB drives and transferring data. It is excellent for anyone who works with large file types and frequently moves between programs and device types. It is totally necessary for anyone who wants to have the best formatting for USB drives.
I love using Kingston Format Utility for Windows because it's a program that you can use to make sure that your Kingston USB is compatible with your Windows device. It adds an extra layer of security to the USB so you can rest assured that you won't be causing any kind of damage to either platform when you use it on your computer.
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