Kingston SSD Manager

by Kingston Technology Corporation

Monitor and check status of Kingston SSDs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Kingston Technology Corporation

Release: Kingston SSD Manager

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Single State Drives in comparison to traditional mechanical hard drives offer faster speeds and downloads. Single State Drives use flash memory and no moving parts to store and download data, which in theory makes them much more reliable and longer lasting than hard drives. However, it is possible that SSDs can undergo mistakes during downloads or partitioning, which would cause them to fail and cease functionality. Kingston SSD Manager allows users to check on the status of their SSD, and other tools that improve the experience of single state drives.


  • Monitor and check the status of one or more single-state drives installed on a personal computer.
  • Update the firmware or software of the SSD securely and safely.
  • Securely erase important and sensitive data installed on a SSD.
  • View SSD drive information, such as model number, serial number, and firmware version.

Users who own one or more Kingston singe state drives are the primary users that benefit from this software. The Kingston SSD manager does not have full functionality for SSDs that came from other brands, such as Micron, Intel, or Samsung. Thus the software will have limited use for individuals without a Kingston SSD. Users that do have a Kingston SSD installed on their PC will find the tools and functionality available on the software necessary for their SSD experience, and crucial for the longevity of their drive. The ability to monitor a compatible SSD's health is critical to ensure the drive is at full functionality, and the ability to update the firmware of the drive improves the performance of the SSD. The program can be run on Windows OS devices 7 and Newer and requires less than 100 MB to download and install. For users with Kingston SSD drives, the Kingston SSD manager is a must to improve the functionality of their drive and to maintain it running smoothly for longer periods of time.

The software allows users to monitor and check drive health of SSD drives, for potential errors or failures.


Stacy Conyers
Kingston SSD manager allows you to check on the status of your SSD drives specifically. This monitoring ability allows to spot faults in the drive before doing critical downloads or work. It is a great time saver. Very necessary device.
Solid state drives are very efficient than mechanical drives.Kingston SSD Manager software helps customers to check and monitor the status of one or more single state drivers installed on personal computer.It will help customers to securely erase important information and sensitive data installed on SSD.It will help to update the firmware or software of the SSD securely and safely.
Ryan Paxton
Kingston SSD Manager for Windows helps you monitor and manage various aspects of your SSD. If you own a Kingston SSD, no, this has nothing to do with Kingston, Jamaica or an SSD bought there unless it is an SSD Kingston brand SSD. Its a simple tool manager to quickly and efficiently manage your SSD with ease and minimal effort. If you have an SSD and you want a sleek manager, this is a good choice. If you know what you are doing on computers, scratch this. This may even help depending on the computer you are using since sometimes SSDs are not readily accessible... since it contains the files for these SSDs it may low miliseconds faster or be detected and shows more options towards the SSD drive that are not readily available in Windows stock software.
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