by Jekyll

Find and delete duplicate files that are stored within your PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Jekyll

Release: dupeGuru 4.0.3

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.4955

DupeGuru allows users to scan their computer's hard drive depending on either the files names or by the contents that are available. DupeGuru is really efficient in finding duplicate files that are stored within the computer.

The UI interface is nothing to really brag about but it gets the job done mainly focusing on the most important things and filtering out the filler tabs and settings that aren't relevant to the program. It features only three sections but with it being very uncluttered and simple everything is easy and simple to find for everyone making it a Universally easy program to run and learn.

The program also supports multiple languages including French, German, English and many many others. The biggest pro's for me when using the program is the operational modes and the scan types that are available as there are multiple options. The algorithm allows the program to efficiently search and find duplicate programs.

DupeGuru's UI is uncluttered and simple allowing users to operate it with ease.

You can search dupe files by the filename, match percent ratio, kind along with bit-rates, which are music limited and dimensions which are pictures only. You are also allowed to preview the files of duplicates before deciding whether or not you want to delete them. The filter special files by keywords option are really handy and save time for people. The program also runs on Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

While on the MacOS you will need to have at least OS X 10.8 or later for support by DupeGuru. Within the preference settings, you can choose multiple options such as the Font Size along with word weighting and be able to allow the program to ignore files that smaller than a certain input size of your particular choice and the program can also be automatically checked for updates.  

dupeGuru 2.12.1 (9.06 MB)
dupeGuru 2.12.3 (9.14 MB)
dupeGuru 3.0.1 (9.34 MB)
dupeGuru 3.1.2 (10.04 MB)
dupeGuru 3.2.0 (10.1 MB)
dupeGuru 3.3.2 (10.14 MB)
dupeGuru 3.4.1 (11.27 MB)
dupeGuru 3.5.0 (11.27 MB)
dupeGuru 3.7.1 (11.39 MB)
dupeGuru 3.9.1 (16.65 MB)
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