by www.vysor.io

Brings the screen of your Android to the screen of your PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: www.vysor.io

Release: Vysor 2.1.2

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9944

Vysor links your Android device to your desktop in a window that you can interact with using your desktop tools like the mouse and keyboard. 

Vysor can help you utilize your larger screened desktop in full-screen mode to show games and videos from smaller phones reducing eye strain and making it easier to see details. With this program, you can use your mouse to click and move exactly how you meant to which is a big plus in games. Now you can use your full-sized keyboard to chat and text at much greater speed and ease. All this combines to create a smoother, more precise, and faster workflow with your device's features in a more ergonomic environment for less physical stress. 

Screenshots taken with Vysor can be saved directly to your PC for easy manipulation or just more organized storage. Conversely, you can drag and drop files from your computer directly to your Android device. 

Much easier to precisely control how you interact with your Android with a mouse than with touch screen gestures.

With Vysor Share you can send your screen to others remotely so that you can receive or give assistance with an issue. Also with Vysor Share software and apps can be tested across multiple devices from just one interface. 

Vysor is now wireless. Freeing you to configure your workspace as you wish or connect it to your laptop as you move casually about using your Android features where and how you want to. 

Vysor's small size is light on disk usage. The software is easy to install and set up. As it only requires a Chrome browser and the Android Debug Bridge tool (ADB) to work it is compatible with all of the three major operating systems which already have this available. 

Basically, if you've ever wanted to do anything, or even everything, in your Android device with the tools and utility of your desktop then Vysor is the what you need to make that dream a reality. 

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