Search your computer for nuisance files and other things

Operating system: Windows

Release: WizTree 3.8

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WizTree for windows is a great tool and program to run on your PC to search your PC for files that you no longer want on your pc, you can delete them and locate them easily with just a simple scan. WizTree for windows allows you to fully search your entire hard drive for stuff you do not want anymore on your computer. It allows you to search through your entire computer within seconds, its the fastest file search on the market. WizTree for windows will allow you to dictate how you manage your folders and files and other stuff on your computer. WizTree for windows allows you to easily access all your folders that are comprised on your hard drive and manage them in any way you see fit, it shows the actual file size for each individual file that is on your computer, it shows how much each program is taking up too, so if you're looking to make space on your computer WizTree for windows will be the perfect fit you and you will quickly realize how useful this program is. WizTree for windows is free for download, you can download it on many different sites, its virus free and won't harm your pc or take up too much space either, it's a quick install and you can uninstall WizTree for windows anytime you want if you don't want it on your computer anymore. 


  • easy to download
  • easy access
  • scans very fast
  • compact file size

the conclusion for WizTree for windows is that it's incredibly useful if you're looking to make space for your computer and hard drive so you can put more file and other stuff on it, you don't have to worry about anything with this as its virus free and you can be assured that it's a top quality program to search your computer.

Searchability of your computer.
WizTree 1.05 (0.87 MB)
WizTree 1.06 (0.87 MB)
WizTree 1.07 (0.87 MB)
WizTree 3.8 (3.38 MB)
Will Leung
This is a simple tool to browse the files on your computer. I am not sure the benefits of using this over the built-in explorer from Windows. I don't trust this software. This could be malware. The description from the company is questionable.
Wiz Tree is a software tool used for desktops, helps to identify the maleware, trojans or viruses and thereby helps to find which files or folders occupying the most space. Actually, it is an antivirus software which is very helpful to act against viruses.
Cameron Larosa
Wiz Tree for Windows is an application that analyzes disc space. It is a fast program that searches for files that take up a large amount of space. It will give you the option to organize and delete programs or organize them. It is very easy to use.
The first thing that caught my attention about this website is that the program is free. There are various types of download and donation links shown on the website, so this can be a bit confusing for the web user. I like the extensive list of features that is listed, along with the screenshots that show images of the system in use. Further down the page, there is a lot of information listed about specific command files that can be used. This is good background information for the user.
WizTree is a program that helps users see what’s hogging the most space on their hard drive. WizTree utilizes the master file table of the hard drive to quickly calculate and organize the files on the hard drive in order to present them to the user. WizTree also has the ability to display the file sizes in a visual treemap, to give users a different perspective and to assist when the number of files and folders becomes too excessive to browse. WizTree allows users to search for file names, organize files, and has command line support as well as support for 20 languages.
Wiztree is the most popular utility software & t's one solid way to figure out what's taking up space on your drive.
If you are in need of a software program that can organize files and even detect which files are taking up the most space, then I recommend WizTree for Windows. This program is quite helpful in keeping your hard drive clean and optimal for use! In my opinion, Wiz Tree for Windows is an efficient analyzer of disk space, yet! It inhabits a simple design for an easily understandable user interface. It allows you to view the percentage and types of files that are taking up space and helps you to clean out the files you no longer need on your hard drive. It's such a convenient program that I highly recommend to anyone, as it allows you to keep your device running at the utmost optimal speeds. Performance is everything! Antibody software is the maker of this particular program and it's also free!
This product is very convenient to use even for people who have no computer experience. I use to suffer from finding space on my disc drive but now this product allows me to find large files that I didn't even know I still have. The sleek interface is easy to use due to the vibrant color coding. I think WizTree for windows is an ELITE program that anyone can use even without a lot of experience.
This is a very speedy disk space analyzer that won't slow down your workflow. Want to easily find large files and clean them up? This is the tool for you. Will organize your files to show you the largest files first. And the best thing? It's totally free. Other programs will stumble on hard-linked files and you will get a mess of multiple listings. This avoids that problem. Updates are easy to do and regular so this is a great option for almost automatically getting rid of large files, keeping room on a highly used disk, and keeping you going.
WizTree for Windows is a very fast space analyzer for Windows in the market you can check all your files and all your documents with just a click
Have you ever wondered which files are junking up your computer? With this application, you can quickly find the files that are taking up the most space on your drive. This is a very helpful app for people who want to clean their drive out and free up more space. WizTree has a clean and simple style that makes it easy to find which files need to go and which you want to hang on to. It's easy to use so why not give it a try.
WizTree for Windows is a free disk space analysis tool. WizTree for Windows is an incredible 46 times faster than WinDirStat, as well as prodiving a much more modern and easy to use UI. Locating files is fast and easy with WizTree, providing a visualization of all the files on scanned drives. Overall WizTree is vast improvement over WinDirStat, providing an updated drive analysis tool for 2021.
I always thought programs like this were only of use to ‘hardcore’ computer users, but this software is truly amazing. In practically no time at all, WizTree scans your hard drive and creates a visual display of your entire hard drive. It basically creates a map of your computer, making it easy to pick out what is using up the most space, whether it’s a single program that’s the offender, or a larger collection of smaller files.
WizTree is a fast disk space analyzer for Windows. This software product is free for download for personal use. This scans and reads the master file table (MFT) directly from NTFS hard drives. You can then see which files and folders are taking up the most space on your computer. WizTree is owned by Antibody Software. It is safe for 32 bit and 64 bit PCs
Scott Terranella
WizTree is a fast, powerful disk space analyzer that helps users to quickly find and remove large, unwanted files and folders on their hard drive or storage device. It scans the entire drive in seconds, then displays the contents of the drive in a tree-view sorted by file and folder size. WizTree also includes specialized search options to easily identify duplicate files, and a file type summary to view the disk usage of each file type.
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