Search your computer for nuisance files and other things

Operating system: Windows

Release: WizTree 3.8

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9938

WizTree for windows is a great tool and program to run on your PC to search your PC for files that you no longer want on your pc, you can delete them and locate them easily with just a simple scan. WizTree for windows allows you to fully search your entire hard drive for stuff you do not want anymore on your computer. It allows you to search through your entire computer within seconds, its the fastest file search on the market. WizTree for windows will allow you to dictate how you manage your folders and files and other stuff on your computer. WizTree for windows allows you to easily access all your folders that are comprised on your hard drive and manage them in any way you see fit, it shows the actual file size for each individual file that is on your computer, it shows how much each program is taking up too, so if you're looking to make space on your computer WizTree for windows will be the perfect fit you and you will quickly realize how useful this program is. WizTree for windows is free for download, you can download it on many different sites, its virus free and won't harm your pc or take up too much space either, it's a quick install and you can uninstall WizTree for windows anytime you want if you don't want it on your computer anymore. 


  • easy to download
  • easy access
  • scans very fast
  • compact file size

the conclusion for WizTree for windows is that it's incredibly useful if you're looking to make space for your computer and hard drive so you can put more file and other stuff on it, you don't have to worry about anything with this as its virus free and you can be assured that it's a top quality program to search your computer.

Searchability of your computer.

WizTree 1.05 (0.87 MB)
WizTree 1.06 (0.87 MB)
WizTree 1.07 (0.87 MB)
Will Leung (unverified)
This is a simple tool to browse the files on your computer. I am not sure the benefits of using this over the built-in explorer from Windows. I don't trust this software. This could be malware. The description from the company is questionable.
A1SCA9REYZD5W2 (unverified)
Wiz Tree is a software tool used for desktops, helps to identify the maleware, trojans or viruses and thereby helps to find which files or folders occupying the most space. Actually, it is an antivirus software which is very helpful to act against viruses.
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