by KVirc Development Team

This is a Chat client for Windows PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: KVirc Development Team

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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KVIrc is a powerful and lightweight, cross-platform, next-generation IRC client with great features, built on Qt. It supports all known protocols and SSL encryption even for DCC connections.

This is the first IRC client that supports graphical smileys and avatars.

KVIrc has a user-friendly, flexible interface and a built-in scripting language that supports object-oriented programming.

- Supports graphic smileys, avatars.

- Can pass on the owner's field information to other users.

- Completely free. Supports all known operating systems - Windows, *nix, Linux, Mac OS X.

- Technical support of users in Russian directly from the developers of the program.

- Built-in scripting language with object-oriented programming support.

- Fully customizable interface.

- Support for pseudo transparency in the interface.

- Russian language support "out of the box" (No Russifiers required).

- Support for removable topics.

- Applets in the status bar.

- Highlight unread text.

- Database of registered users.

- Support for ignore lists.

- Support Perl.

- Full support for Unicode.

- IRC proxy support (SOCKSv4, SOCKSv5, HTTP).

- Full support for IRC over IPv6 (even for DCC).

- IRC support via SSL.

- Several encryption algorithms.

- Modular architecture. The modules are loaded and unloaded if necessary.

- Possibility of unlimited expansion of functionality.

- Connects to multiple IRC servers.


- Speed limit of DCC connection on the fly.

and a lot of other possibilities.

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