QIP Infium

by РБК

An instant messaging application designed specifically for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: РБК

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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QIP Infium can be read as an extended version of QIP 2005. Although many users still prefer the old version, the updated QIP is not getting any worse. The main purpose of Infium is to allow users to instantly exchange messages using publicly available servers running Windows. The program is doing a great job with this task. A correctly configured QIP Infium works extremely well, not by making you happy with unexpected departures and disconnections. Unlike other messenger programs, this software reliably protects against spam from those users who are not added to the contact list. In the conditions of increasing cases of online fraud, this feature can not but please.

The application interface is a slightly modified version of QIP 2005. Above the list of contacts there is an extended toolbar. The user can set up the peculiarities of displaying the information to his or her liking: in the form of a compact version from the nicknames of the interlocutors with the statuses or in the form of the most complete version with the weather widgets, news and so on. The latest Infium versions support the ability to display user avatars. The main menu provides an opportunity to send an SMS, make a voice or video call, read the history of correspondence, add a new contact or a new group. It should be noted that any user of popular social networks or blogs (for example, Google Talk, LiveJournal, Mail Agent, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter) can be added as a contact.

Support for plugins is another major difference between QIP Infium. Thanks to this feature, you can search for information on the Internet using the program's context menu, set up various reminders, read RSSs, receive mailbox notifications and even play logic games with the other party. When you register with the program, all your passwords and accounts are automatically saved to the QIP server. It is worth highlighting the fact that during the default installation, the application introduces its own search engine into the computer software. To prevent this from happening, simply uncheck the corresponding box in Custom Installation mode.

- convenient instant messaging service;

- has built-in widgets;

- multi-lingual interface;

- support for emoticons (including bulk emoticons), file transfer over the network;

- increased resistance to viral programs;

- customizable appearance (there are many skins available for free download for all tastes);

- Automatically adjusts the operation after a critical error;

- has a closed source code;

- has the ability to embed new plugins to enhance capabilities;

- "knows how" to make calls and send SMS;

- supports integration with common social networks;

- sifts out pop-up ads and spam;

- the ability to save logs in different formats;

- automatic tracking of new emails coming to Yandex and Google accounts;

- When configured correctly, it can be an indispensable program for communication with additional features;

- is an easy and easy to use client.

I love this product! its fast and very up to date. it has automated tracking. Has a closed sourced code. its just an awesome app. im in love.
yeah i really work for in the software for online communication, really giving some good potential in message making, and give us the various option like broadcast message, group message, we can express our feelings towards message, there are lot of emoji's, its an updated version, really loved the way its created , kudos to the creator, thanks for work, highly recommended
QIP is a freeware program for online correspondence. It's quite possibly the most well known moment courier. It is utilized by a large number of clients. QIP Infium (calm web pager) is a multiprotocol texting client created in Russia. A texting application planned explicitly for Windows. QIP Infium can be perused as a drawn out adaptation of QIP 2005.
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