by Peter's Software

This is a Microsoft Access Add-On providing a simplified user security system.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Peter's Software

Release : LASsie 5.0

Antivirus check: passed

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LASsie (Light Application Security) serves as an extension to Microsoft Access, enriching your Access application with a simplified user security system. Structured as a substitute to user-level security in Access (which is obsolete in .accdb file formats), LASsie provides a less intricate way of safeguarding forms, reports, controls, and certain records from unauthorized user access. With LASsie, you can prevent a user from opening specific forms or reports, restrict their ability to update data on a form, disable certain controls, filter records, and execute custom security functions, all based on the signed-in username.

LASsie includes a user-friendly user sign-in form that requests a username and password. Users can change their own passwords via the included 'change password' form. Optionally, the login form can be bypassed, and the Windows login username can be employed. Once the username is verified, the security groups that the user belongs to are loaded. Based on the permissions/restrictions assigned to these groups, LASsie determines which forms or reports can be accessed, whether data updates are allowed and more.

  • Access Control: Prevent unauthorized users from opening specific forms or reports
  • Update Restrictions: Limit users' ability to update data on a form
  • Usage of Windows Username: Optionally, the login form can be bypassed and the Windows login username can be used
  • Group-based Security: Permissions/restrictions are assigned based on the security groups a user belongs to.

We label LASsie as 'light application security' because it isn't intended to be a robust, high-end security application. Indeed, a sophisticated user could alter the underlying tables and modify their own security level. By hiding LASsie tables, and/or linking them to an encrypted external database, you could minimize the possibility of such potential breaches, but you should understand that we don't guarantee that no breach will ever occur. That said, LASsie could serve well as a security system for applications where the users are relatively inexperienced, or when the app's data is not of a highly classified nature.

A main benefit of using LASsie is its ability to provide simplified, customizable user access control to Microsoft Access applications.
Microsoft Access extension compatibility
Windows login functionality
Group-based security settings
Data update restrictions

Provides a simplified user security system for Microsoft Access.
Allows for customization of user access based on signed-in username.
Optional bypass of login form using Windows username.

May not provide robust, high-end security features.
Potential for breaches by sophisticated users.
Requires knowledge of Access to maximize utility.
Helps with data management and organization. Great for beginners!