Lens Studio

by Snap Inc.

Lens Studio is an easy-to-use software for creating, editing, and publishing Snapchat lenses and filters.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Snap Inc.

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Last revision: Last week

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Lens Studio is a powerful and easy to use desktop application designed for creating Snapchat Lenses. It’s used by professional creators and developers to create immersive, interactive Augmented Reality experiences for millions of Snapchatters around the world. With Lens Studio, you can quickly and easily create custom Lenses that can be shared with the world.

Lens Studio
Lens Studio allows users to create AR effects quickly and easily with a wide variety of tools and resources.

1. Visual Scripting: Visual Scripting allows you to create interactive experiences without writing a single line of code. You can create animations, transitions, and logic to bring your Lens to life.

2. 3D Objects: Lens Studio provides a wide variety of 3D objects that can be used to create unique and immersive AR experiences.

3. Animation & Audio: With the Animation & Audio tools, you can create custom animations and sounds for your Lens.

4. Camera Effects: Lens Studio allows you to create custom camera effects for your Lens. You can use different filters and textures to adjust the look and feel of your Lens.

5. Facial Tracking: With facial tracking, you can create interactive experiences that are based on the user’s facial expressions.

6. World Lenses: World Lenses allow you to create AR experiences that are tracked to the world around the user.

7. Lens Studio Connect: Lens Studio Connect is an in-app tool that allows you to connect your Lens to other services and platforms.

8. Community: Lens Studio provides a vibrant and active community of creators, developers, and designers. You can get support and feedback from other members of the community.

9. Resources: Lens Studio provides a variety of resources to help you get started and learn how to create your own Lens. You can find tutorials, sample Lenses, and other resources to help you create the perfect Lens.

10. Partnerships: Lens Studio partners with various companies to create unique and immersive experiences for their products.

Lens Studio is a powerful and easy to use tool for creating Snapchat Lenses. With its visual scripting, 3D objects, animation and audio tools, camera effects, facial tracking, world lenses, Lens Studio Connect, community, resources, and partnerships, you can quickly and easily create custom immersive AR experiences for millions of Snapchatters around the world.
System Requirements

• Windows 10 64-bit
• Intel Core i5 or higher
• 8 GB of RAM or more
• 4 GB of available disk space
• Dedicated GPU with at least 4GB of VRAM (Nvidia GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 480)
• Internet connection for downloading content, activating the software and for product updates

Software Requirements
• Direct3D 11 (or higher)
• Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher
• Visual Studio 2017 with the Universal Windows Platform development workload
• Visual Studio 2017 with the .NET Framework 4.7 development workload
• Visual Studio 2017 with the .NET Core 2.1 development workload
• Visual Studio Code with the .NET Core 2.1 development workload
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Joshua U******g

Lens Studio from Snap Inc. is a great platform for creating AR experiences. It's easy to use and the features are pretty comprehensive. The drag and drop components are intuitive and make the process very straightforward. I have found that the code editor is well featured for creating more complex lenses. The 3D object library is great for adding interesting elements to my lenses. I love the library of sound effects, it's really helpful for adding the finishing touches to my projects. The tutorials are great for getting started, they really helped me understand the basics of the software. The community is also really helpful and I've found lots of great tips and tricks.
Caleb Dequattro

Lens Studio is an inuitive and user friendly softawre that allow you to create 3D lenses quikly and easily - I'm just getting startd with it and having a lot of fun!
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